“It is not worth going to the Eurocup in bad conditions”

March 20, 2022. Barcelona, ​​Camp Nou. Until then, a temple of football… for men. That day, the baptized as Classic of women’s football, the Barcelona-Real Madrid who faced each other in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, broke all records: 91,553 spectators, the women’s game with the highest box office in the world. “It was time to do it and for the whole world to see that we can fill a historic stadium,” he remarks. Alexia Putellas at the beginning of ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’ (“Work conquers everything”), the documentary about the player that premieres on November 30 on Prime Video.

The series comes after an injury, her second Ballon d’Or (she is not nicknamed ‘the Queen’ for nothing) and a crisis in the Spanish National Team, after the Euro Cup last July. Although, due to her filming dates, she does not coincide with the crisis of the 15 of the National Team, she does show the concerns of the best player in the world in relation to the national team. To her past, her present and her future.

«I’ve been thinking for years about playing ‘Champions’, the Eurocup, the World Cup and the Olympic Games. But you stop to think and you see that it is not worth going in bad conditions. And it is no longer playing it, what we want is to win it, “he reflects whores with his mother, in a conversation in which he also compares how the Spanish selection with respect to others.

About the Eurocup

«You stop to think and see that it is not worth going in bad conditions. And what we want is to win it.”

«Other federations are betting, investing and they are small details that are noticeable in the super elite… To finish being professionals, “he adds. “It’s time,” says her mother.

The growth of women’s football

The miniseries delves into the figure of whores as a reference in the green (and outside it) or the growth of women’s football in Spain, where, little by little, it is gaining more weight and breaking down barriers.

no one better than Alexia Putellas to put a face to that expansion. The player who has ceased to be a figure only in Mollet del Vallès to be global. The player that everyone already sees as the rival to beat; the ideal to aspire to.

‘Labor omnia vincit’ is his story. One of ambition, discipline and work, which hides behind it the pressure of expectations. Their own and others. The weight of, perhaps unintentionally, or rather without asking for it, leading that growth.

The Camp Nou, the day of Barcelona-Real Madrid


«I am looking forward to the final. I am overwhelmed because it is the final stretch and many things appear. I can’t wait for the Champions League to end and they forget that you exist and that they leave you alone”, he goes on to say in his documentary, that it is nothing more than a trip from Barcelona to Turin, where the The blaugrana team lost the final of the Women’s Champions League, which ends with their injury to the previous crusader at the worst possible moment: days before the start of the Eurocup.

The Alexia’s injury and recovery They cover the last chapter of the documentary, a recovery in which the player continues to be immersed. Oblivious to the controversy of the National Team, despite the fact that she has spoken in public after the ‘rebellion’ of her 15 teammates, the Catalan today is focused on returning to the fields.



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