‘Isola and Pittsburg united in the memory of Di Maggio’, visits from Saturday to Sunday at Isola delle Femmine

Isola delle Femmine does not forget its champion and every year it organizes initiatives, thanks to the BC Sicilia association, to remember him by the greatest baseball champion of all time, Joe Di Maggio, whose roots are right in the small seaside town. The new initiative is entitled “Isola delle Femmine and Pittsburg united in memory of Joe Di Maggio”, promoted by BCsicilia, Friends of Isola delle Femmine and Isola Pittsburg Forever on the anniversary of the great champion’s birth. In the Joe Di Maggio House Museum, in via Cutino, for the occasion, in addition to the story of the champion who was also Marilyn Monroe’s husband, it will be possible to admire photos of Isolani fishermen who emigrated between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries pursuing, like the family DiMaggio, the American Dream. It will be possible to visit the exhibition, with free admission, from next Friday to Sunday.

Joe DiMaggio, to whom the House Museum is dedicated, is the greatest baseball player in the world of all time, born on November 25, 1914 in Martinez, a small town in California, of parents originally from Isola delle Femmine. The story begins on December 9, 1897 when they got married in the church of the seaside village, that of Maria Santissima delle Grazie. The first daughter was born in Isola delle Femmine while the father was away because he left with a group of fishermen for California to see if that was a land that could improve their lives. In 1902 the whole family moved to Martinez. Giuseppe Di Maggio and Rosalia Mercurio in America will have another 8 children, the penultimate born on November 25, 1914 will be called Giuseppe Paolo Di Maggio, in English Joseph Paul Di Maggio, for all Joe Di Maggio, unforgettable baseball champion of the 30s and ‘ 40 and husband of Marilyn Monroe, the diva, myth of the cinema. “Today there are probably few – says the President of the local branch of BCsicilia Agata Sandrone – the boys of Isola delle Femmine who know the story of the great Joe Di Maggio. The purpose of the initiative is to arouse interest in the past through the story of the legendary baseball champion”.

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