Is Kei Nishikori starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel? – Match Tennis

The former top 10 player was unable to play a single game all season.

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A few days ago we shared some painful statements from Kei Nishikori, in which he stated that he had had several months of depression, mainly due to the fact that he could not even hold a racket, and because he felt that his stage as a professional tennis player was vanishing. The Japanese commented that the fact that Roger Federer had played until he was 40 years old motivated him to try too.

The Asian once again shared some statements with his followers, in this case to provide a little hope regarding his immediate future, as he expressed, “I still don’t know when I will return to the circuit. My goal is to play the Australian Open, my chances of doing that are now 50%.”according to We Love Tennis.

Will we see the 2014 Us Open finalist on the courts of Melbourne Park?

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