Iran only gets what it deserves against Wales in the 98th and 101st minutes | 2022 FIFA World Cup

After the open day against England, Iran has tapped out of a different vein in its second World Cup match against Wales. A deserved three-pointer didn’t seem to fall into the Iranian lap, but in the 98th and 101st minutes the redemption fell against 10 Welshmen. Iran will soon participate again for the 1/8th finals, Wales is in dirty papers with 1 in 6.

  • Key moment: We have to wait until the extra time of the second half before we see goals. A shot from Chesmi earns his country three points, after which the game is over.
  • Man of the match: We opt for a trio: the Iranian front line of Azmoun, Taremi and Gholizadeh was particularly strong. The fit Azmoun could play just under 70 minutes, and ensured that his country had a point of contact, allowing his two companions to come into play.
  • Statistics: Iran’s last eight goals at the World Cup came after the 65th minute. As many as five of them were made in extra time. Mazzu time with Iran.
  • Statistics (2): Chesmi’s goal was the 42nd of this World Cup, but only the first from outside the big backline.

Liberated Iranians

Carlos Queiroz had changed his team after the embarrassment against England, with five new names. The most important substitution was up front, with a recovered Azmoun kicking off.

Iran started the first twenty minutes with open and fun intentions and nice combinations, so that the match went well. Wales took the first big chance, Kieffer Moore’s toe pushed the ball straight at Hosseini.

After 15 minutes, Gholizadeh intercepted an ill-judged pass from Roberts. A nice one-two with Azmoun later, he put the 1-0 past Hennessy. Iran at the party, but offside threw a spanner in the works, the Carolo was half a meter past the last man.

The pace then slowed, with Wales controlling. Less open football, and the number of opportunities decreased. Azmoun was barely twenty centimeters short in extra time to push the ball against the nets.

Extra time, extra discharge

The second half started after five minutes with a triple chance for Iran. The broken through Azmoun shot past Hennessey against the post, Gholizadeh curled to the other post, where Azmoun was able to shoot again. The goalkeeper of Wales was right on that shot.

Iran completely took over the game. Hennessey was tested, but ready for whatever came his way. Davies fired a shot at Hosseini, but it didn’t hurt.

A draw seemed in the cards, even when Hennessey went red after kneeling the broken Taremi in the face. Wales seemed to hold out with ten, until the 98th minute.

After a carom in the box, the ball ended up on the edge of the box, in Chesmi’s feet. He buried the ball to the right of substitute Danny Ward. Ecstasy, release, Iran went crazy.

Wales then had to come, and left space at the back. Taremi pushed on, laying wide on Rezaeian. A lovely lob over Ward and Davies ended the fading Welsh hopes.

That now has to count on the US and beat England itself to get anywhere at this World Cup.

National coach Iran: “Players have proven their love for this sport”

National coach Carlos Queiroz could not hide his emotions after Iran’s victory. “This is a magnificent day for us,” he said. “This is just the beginning and now we have to finish it.”

“I have to congratulate my players. They have proven their love for this sport today.”

After the bolwash against England, this is a firm boost. “After a missed opportunity, there is always a new match. That’s the beauty of football. We left that previous match behind us and this was just a deserved win.”

There was no joy for Wales and Gareth Bale. “This is a huge disappointment. We fought to the last gasp, but after the red card the match turned. We still have one match left and we have to grab it.”

Take a look at the most important phases here

  1. second half, minute 103 match over

  2. second half, minute 102. Crazy ending. Escobar puts an end to this incredible slot. We seemed to be looking forward to a goalless draw for a long time, but goals from Chesmi and Rezaeian caused a discharge in the absolute final. Wales must win against England to have a chance at the next round. .
  3. second half, minute 102. Iran finishes it all in the end.

    Iran completes it in the end

  4. Second half goal, minute 101 by Iran’s Ramin Rezaeian. 0, 2.
  5. second half, minute 101. Book now! Wales opens the door at the back, and Taremi escapes. He finds the trailed Rezaeian, who chips some nice over Davies and Ward. Tears at the Welshmen, what a match end. .
  6. second half, minute 100. Wales now pushes everything forward, for one last moment. An Iranian flute concert accompanies the game. .
  7. second half, minute 99. The ball goes in for Iran after all.

    The ball will go in for Iran after all

  8. Second half goal, minute 98 by Iran’s Rouzbeh Cheshmi. 0, 1.
  9. second half, minute 98. Iran rewarded! Iran is going crazy, completely crazy! A chaotic phase delivers the ball to Chesmi. He shoots the ball into the net from just outside the half moon. Sour, so sour for Wales. What an ecstasy in the Ahmad Bin Ali! .
  10. second half, minute 97. Kieffer Moore sets up a nice action on the left, but does not have enough overview. The ball ends up with Williams, who can give another pass with a bad shot. That’s another way of doing it. .
  11. Yellow card for Alireza Jahanbakhsh of Iran during second half, minute 95
  12. second half, minute 95. The tension can be cut. Danny Ward takes his time, and when Rezaeian comes to complain about it, he is shown a yellow card. .
  13. Yellow card for Ramin Rezaeian of Iran during second half, minute 94
  14. second half, minute 91. +9. We’re going to play football for almost ten minutes. .
  15. second half, minute 91. Torabi came in really well, he cuts past his opponent and looks for Taremi. Defending the Welshmen for all that they are worth and can stave off. .
  16. second half, minute 89. Torabi blows. Torabi has found some space and docks. Wonderfully kicked, the ball just goes wide. .
  17. second half, minute 89. We’ve been quiet for a while, but the free kick is finally taken. Both in the first phase and in the resumption, the cross is not good enough. .
  18. second half, minute 88. Wales substitution, Danny Ward in, Aaron Ramsey out
  19. second half, minute 87. Hennessey just shouldn’t be there. Aster Nzeyimana.
  20. Red card for Wayne Hennessey of Wales during second half, minute 86


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