Indian Literary Salon

Fri Nov 18, 10:34 am

General Short news

NIJMEGEN – Pelita Indian Literary Salon will receive the successful writer Dido Michielsen on Sunday 27 November during the Indies Literary Salon. The meeting in the Oud Burgeren Gasthuis in Nijmegen is from 13:00 to 16:00. Entrance 7 euros (no pin possibility). Please register via support point

With her new novel Engel en Kinnari Dido Michielsen wants to give her indigenous and Indies ancestors a voice that tells readers from the inside about colonial society in the Dutch East Indies.

For her Indian novel debut Lighter than me (2019) she was inspired by the life of her Javanese great-great-grandmother. The book was applauded by the press, translated and put on the shelves, was in the CPNB Top 60 for months and was nominated for the Libris Literature Prize. Now there is then Engel en Kinnari, a historical novel in which she follows the character Louisa who tries to find her way in a society full of racial differences and inequality in the Dutch East Indies around 1900. A penetrating book.

Before the break: ‘R. Shoemaker. Architect in Bandung. Resistance fighter in Delft’ by Maria and Jan van Dullemen. Afterwards, the authors will be interviewed by Peter van Riel.



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