In the end, those who are not Argentines make us look better

A small group of fans from Argentina gave the note in the preview of the World Cup. In Russia 2018 something similar happened.

“They have the Argentina shirt… but they are not Argentines.”

The first week of television coverage in the Qatar World Cup 2022 realized a phenomenon that was repeated everywhere: that crowd of fans from India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other nearby nations, fans of the Argentine National Team and of Lionel Messiwilling to encourage the Albiceleste despite the fact that they do not speak a word in Spanish.

Given the episode that went viral in the last hours, there is a truth that becomes eloquent: those that are not ours make us look better than ours.

It happened in TyC Sports but it could have happened in any other signal. A small group of “Argentine” Argentines promised an original song to encourage Scaloni’s team. But what actually followed was a little chant against the France national team y Kylian Mbappewith lyrics that embarrass others, at least for those who try (and we try) to think of a more inclusive, less violent and fraternal world.

“They play in France but they’re all from Angola. How nice it is, they’re going to run, they’re cometravas like fucking Mbappé. His old lady is Nigerian, his old man Cameroonian, but in the document, nationality: French.”

Aberrant. Sultry. Reprehensible. And all the politically correct adjectives that want to be added. But let’s be honest not at all unexpected.

Four years ago, another bunch of living people who spent a fortune to cross to the other side of the world became famous for something similar. It was in Russia 2018, and the “grace” was to be photographed with Russian girls and make rude gestures. Misogyny, another national pride.

“Noooo, not the bank,” the TyC Sports chronicler managed to say, Matias Pelliccionithe same man who, by playing that little journalistic game, managed to come up with the exciting hit that talks about Messi, Maradona and the Falklands, and that became an anthem of the National Team in Qatar.

It is slightly affirmed that in Argentina there is no racism, that we are a young society, forged in the integration of different peoples and without hatred; that there’s not homophobia, that we are advanced in laws and symbols of the LGBTIQ+ collective. Without going any further, a manual prepared by INADI to take care of communication in the Middle East was recently distributed.

All sarasa, as we say for these payments.

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