In grief: – Sudden and unexpected

– Words cannot describe what I feel. I have lost the most important person in my life, and it happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, writes the daughter on Instagram.

Hamida Nadim was only 57 years old.

According to Danish BT, she was hit by an excavator on her way home from training.

Can die for this

Hamida Nadim is survived by Nadia Nadim and her four sisters.

Their father was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1999, and the family then fled to Denmark, writes BT

– She was a warrior, who fought all her life. She gave me life not once, but twice. Everything we have and are is due to her, reports Nadia Nadim further.

During her career, she has played 103 games and scored 38 goals for the Danish national team.

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