In Crescentino a regional Judo trophy: here are all the winners – Photo 1 of 7

On 13 November the first Csen Piedmont Judo Trophy was held in Crescentino, it was programmed by the Re.Al Sports Association and was organized by the Csen Regional Technical Manager of Piedmont Judo Sector, as well as Re.Al. Instructor, Renzo Cornetti.

Numerous sports clubs from the Piedmontese provinces were invited to the event; it was a memorable day both from a sporting and friendship point of view, which saw around 200 young athletes compete.

The Mayor of Crescentino intervened Victor Ferrerothe Councilor for Sport Nino Dispotothe Councilor of the Piedmont Region Angelo Dagothe FIJLKAM National Councilor Andrea Regisblue athlete and European JUDO champion, and the Provincial CSEN Manager Paolo Foscolo, to whom we thank for their patronage and collaboration for the success of the day.

The event took place with a CSEN arbitration commission and FIJLKAM judges to whom a big thank you goes for their seriousness and commitment.

The race was also the exam venue for four new Presidents of the Jury, in the presence of the National Head of Race Officials Csen Rolando Innamorati. The following have achieved the title of Race Judge: Pamela Fogato, Massimiliano Gargiulo, Francesco Quattrone e Alba Tomasello.

Re.Al., which took part in the event among the 18 companies received, finished in 6th place, participating with its own athletes, accompanied by the Instructor and Technical Collaborator Stefano Quattronewho followed the children and teenagers to their first race after being stopped for 2 years.

Congratulations go out to all: from the Re.Al. Board, for the commitment and perseverance put into athletic training, as well as to the parents of the boys, who follow and support them with great enthusiasm in this life journey.

For the Boys category they finished: 1st place Yassine Belbsiral 2° Simone Meneghelloal 3° Jacopo Bardone.

For the Children’s category: in 1st place George Mortaraal 2° Moreno MilanFrancesco Chiritoiu and equal Kevin Masetto.

For the Children’s category: in 2nd place Francesco Belsito and equal Vanessa PonenteBryan Albus and equal Salim Errachid e Fabricius Lake.

At the end of the event, a plaque of honor was presented to the Maestro Mario Martuzzifor the dedication to teaching Judo for over sixty years.



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