I will do an absolute boycott of the World Cup – Xavier Fina

He who is free from contradictions, let him cast the first stone. I the first Now, it’s one thing to have contradictions and overcome them with pain, and another for 3 to 4 to be scandalized in the name of any right and from 4 to 5 to narrate a football match that is played in a country that does not respect human rights. Especially, if this match is played in that country precisely because it does not respect human rights.

The level of hypocrisy we are seeing these days is hard to beat. And I don’t know which I think is worse: those who live it with the most absolute cynicism – “always the same heavy with their morality and moral superiority!”, they say to complete their cynicism – or those who need a face wash and they promise us that, in addition to the results of the football matches, they will offer us information about the dark side of Qatar. As if it were not obvious that for a month the hosts of this championship will have exemplary behavior.

With Qatar, the hypocrisy comes from afar and has well-known examples. With various degrees. Because neither Xavi Hernández nor Sergio García expect anything beyond what they bargained for. Great soccer talent, which is already a lot. But they are not a moral or political point of reference. Another thing is the praise in Qatar of someone who occupies a central place in the homeland and who, being from the Parliament, told us the time at which we had to get up. Or the business of the good Trotskyist patron. Or the trade agreements of the value club.

I really like football. National team football, however, has never excited me. Maybe because I don’t have one to represent me or because nationalist exaltations burden me. However, an autumn World Cup is better to watch. And, despite my oddities, I like being part of that world and being able to participate in current events. In short, following the World Cup is not the dream of my life, but I would really like to do it. Well, I won’t. I will exercise my right to protest and be consistent with my principles. I won’t watch a single minute of the match, I won’t make a tweet, I won’t talk about it with anyone, I’ll change the station when they talk about it, I’ll skip the pages of the newspapers that are devoted to it.

With me, let them not count. Don’t count me out. And that silence obviously includes these pages. We will meet again on December 22. No moral superiority. Or maybe not: with (a bit of) moral superiority.


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