”He made a good choice by going to Feyenoord”

Ebi Smolarek praises his compatriot Sebastian Szymański. The former Feyenoord player saw the attacking midfielder play a good match on behalf of Poland against Mexico. Szymański plays with a lot of confidence after having a good period in Feyenoord’s shirt.

”I thought he was a point of contact”, Smolarek looks back on the first match at the World Cup in Qatar in conversation with RTV Rijnmond. “He held the ball well and was in many places. I also really think that he is now playing at the World Cup because he went to Feyenoord. He’s done well for the past half season.”

The rental transfer works out excellent for Feyenoord and Szymański. “People may have been a bit skeptical because he came from Russia, but he wanted to play and chose Feyenoord. I think the club suits him well and his character suits Feyenoord well. He made a good choice by going to Feyenoord, because he did show it.”

”He has perseverance, a good shot, is ball-holding and can give a good through ball. What I saw now is that he dared to take the initiative.” The former international of Poland also sees what could be improved. “I would like to see him more often in the sixteen-meter area as a midfielder, but that is difficult when you play on the counter.”

World Cup is also not alive in Poland

Just like in the Netherlands, the Poles are not yet warm for the tournament. ”You see advertising of the World Cup in shops and supermarkets, but it doesn’t live with me. Normally in the summer you all sit together and the weather is nice. Now it is snowing here in Poland. Then what do you need? Sit together under a tent? It’s alive on television, but it’s a bit over for me.”



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