He lost his wallet, set up a tent on the basketball court – Kocaeli News

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Ali Taştemel (28) living in Istanbul left his home yesterday to go camping in Sakarya. Taştemel, who first came to Kocaeli, realized that he had lost his wallet while shopping. Taştemel, who reported to the police teams, could not go to Sakarya because he did not have a wallet. The young man, who suffered greatly, set up a tent on the basketball court in Yahyakaptan Ömer Türkçakal Park, due to the late hour. Taştemel, who spent the night at the basketball court where he set up his tent, said, “I live in Istanbul. I am in Kocaeli for a short trip. I had to stay in Yahyakaptan because I lost my wallet. I love travel and travel. I was actually going to Sakarya. Because of such a mishap. “I had to stay here,” he said. Taştemel left the park where he spent the night in order to go to Sakarya.



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