Harvest of medals at the Departmental Youth Trophy – Medialot

Belles performances.

This Sunday, November 27, the Vigan sports complex hosted the second stage of the Departmental Youth Trophy 46 badminton. This tournament brought together 120 players (record number of participants) from the 9 federated clubs of the department, including 32 young people from the Pradines club.

> Pradines Badminton won 10 out of 16 gold medals:

Lison Dajean, Pierre Larguille, Raphael Thomas, Roméo Goulmot, Titouan Souille, Clément Andrieu, Laura Prévost, Lucile Reynes, Nathan Dussilol, Lily Bessodes.

Fantine Minard, Romain Besserve, Solenn Joseph, Jérémy Thomas, Noham Alaoui, Eden Poteau, Théo Prévost, Léo Joseph, Mayline Yao, Basile Picuira ranked second or third.

Congratulations to all and thank you to the coaches of the day: Emma and Victoria.

It does not only win on the Vigan side but also in the Toulouse region:

Nice victory for the pair Laura Austruy / Jonathan Vivenot on the side of Labège (31) in mixed series 3.

Great performances on the other side of Toulouse, in Ramonville and 2 finals for Léo Préchac in series 1.

In men’s doubles with Loic Alarcon (Saint-Orens Badminton) and in mixed with Adeline Moréna (TUCB). Semi-final for Fiona Préchac in DD series 2 associated with Robin Justine de Blagnac Badminton.

Next weekend, the “Young 46” selection will travel to Castanet (31) to participate in the Regional Youth Trophy of Occitanie. Our encouragement for Clément Andrieu, Anna Boumbaly, Laura Prévost, Roméo Goulmot, Timéo Maruaé, Lison Dajean and Lucile Reynes.



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