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Make two out of one…

So far, the fans have known super striker Erling Haaland (22) with his blonde mane, which the Norwegian has usually tied into a chic ponytail. Almost a trademark of the Manchester City pro.

Now new: Tor machine Haaland with two pigtails

Photo: Twitter/ManCity

Now Haaland presented a new daring hairstyle: the goalscorer was spotted with two long braids instead of his usual ponytail.

The fans like the new head of hair of their favorite. Many wished he should keep the new look, begging him on Twitter: “Keep the hair pleaseee!”

Haaland as a Viking at a Halloween party

Haaland as a Viking at a Halloween party

Photo: Twitter

The new Haaland hairstyle was also featured in a Manchester City Halloween video. In it, his injured teammate Kalvin Phillips (26) tries to scare the teammates with a scary mask.

would you have thought so NOBODY believes that HE goes in

would you have thought so  NOBODY believes that HE goes in

Source: BILD; DAZN


It goes without saying that the hard-nosed Norwegian wasn’t impressed. But here, too, his supporters celebrated the Haaland hair. “Haaland’s Viking hairstyle is brave – he has to play a game with it,” demanded one.

The striker is currently recovering from a ligament injury. At the Champions-League-Spiel today against Seville (9 p.m., here in live ticker) Haaland will probably still be spared

At the weekend in the league game against Fulham, Haaland should appear again. Torweger, who scored an unbelievable 22 goals in 16 games this season, is simply too important for that.



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