Goretzka Condemns LGBTQ Ban at 2022 World Cup


Leon Goretzka condemned the remarks of the 2022 World Cup ambassador regarding LGBTQ being illegal. The German national team star considered the ambassador’s words dangerous.

The ambassador for the 2022 World Cup, Khalid Salman, caused a stir among the world’s football people. The former Qatar international player views LGBTQ as a deviation and illegal.

“Homosexuality is haram. Do you know what haram means?” Salman told German media, ZDF.

“I’m also not a devout Muslim, but why is it haram? Because it destroys the mind,” he said.

Salman also asked LGBTQ groups who want to come to the 2022 World Cup to accept Qatar’s rules. The Middle Eastern country does apply strict rules for fans, ranging from alcohol restrictions to a ban on free sex.

Salman’s remarks received scathing comments from the German national team midfielder, Leon Goretzka. He thinks Salman has old-fashioned thinking that makes a blunder with his statement about LGBTQ.

“It’s very oppressive. It’s the image of a man coming from another millennium,” Goretzka said. BBC.

“These words make you think that such things can be said by a World Cup ambassador just before the World Cup,” he snapped.

Criticism also came from the President of the German Football Association (DFB), Bernd Neunendorf. He even urged FIFA to look into the matter.

“This statement discredits the entire LGBTIQ community and reveals a deeply problematic relationship with human rights,” Neunendorf said.

“FIFA should seriously examine whether its ethics committee should address this issue,” he said.

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