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SCAFATI – Contro l’ex Caja la Reggio Emilia basketball remedies another bad defeat at the end of a game played badly for long stretches when instead it didn’t take much to bring it home. Here are the report cards of the red and white.

Sacar Anim (9 points): he’s the first to get into the game and with reduced rotations his 34 minutes of use in the end are a bit much, even if the desire isn’t lacking, especially in the defensive approach. vote 6+

Nathan Reuvers (18 points): first double double for him, also called to replace the absent Hopkins. Apart from a few mistakes in defense he is the best in Reggio. Of him the triple of the last draw with 25 ″ to go. Vote 7+

Alessandro Cipolla (0 points) sv: for him only 2 minutes and as many shooting attempts, not on target.

Arturs Strautins (10 points): energetic race in which he doesn’t always have the upper hand; in defense he has, together with Anim, the merit of canceling Logan. vote 6+

Gabriele Stefanini (0 points) sv: he tries a couple of times from the arc, but stays in the field too little for a judgement.

Andrea Cinciarini (13 points): still extraordinary for the captain, who from the initial idea of ​​playing 25 minutes now finds himself well over 35. He does a bit of everything, assists (8), rebounds (9), but if in the end few have the courage to shoot, let’s not be surprised by the permanence on the field. vote 6.5

Beka Burjanadze (0 points): it will also put us grit, but we are far, if we want to make a comparison, from Justin Johnson. Worst plus/minus with him on the pitch. vote 4.5

Osvaldas Olisevicius (3 punts): after the encouraging signs against Pinar, the championship version is back and it just doesn’t mesh. It also closes with the worst team rating, -6. vote 4.5

Mohuamet Diouf (6 points): a few more minutes on the parquet for “Momo” who doesn’t disappoint especially in defense, even finishing 4 blocks. Overall he didn’t disfigure. vote 6+

Max Menetti (coach): well, even tonight we didn’t understand some choices very well, one of them being a foul 25″ from the conclusion to send the only one on the ball at that moment, namely Stone, into the line. Apart from the usual 3-2 zone, there are few ideas. Heavy absences, it’s true, but tonight they can’t be an alibi for this umpteenth defeat. Confusion. Vote 4



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