Girls from K3 become ambassadors of Special Olympics: “Everyone is a champion in something” (Mechelen)


The girls of K3 visited the Busleyden Atheneum Campus De Beemden in Mechelen on Wednesday. At the school for special education, the K3’s were officially introduced as the new ambassadors of the Special Olympics. They will take place next year in the Dijlestad.

Steve Van de Sande

During the Ascension weekend next year, the Belgian edition of the Special Olympics will take place in sports and recreation domain De Nekker in Mechelen. That is a major sporting event for people with a mental disability. To put the Special Olympics in the spotlight, K3 paid a visit to school BA De Beemden on Wednesday. The girls immediately got acquainted with some athletes.

The K3’s are the new ambassadors of the Special Olympics. “In any case, K3 stands for equality, accessibility and inclusion and we are often committed to social themes,” say Marthe and Julia. Hanne stayed home because of her pregnancy. “But as luck would have it Wings in Champion there are two songs on our new album that fit perfectly with the idea of ​​the Special Olympics. Certainly at Champion is that the case. It’s about the fact that everyone is always a champion at something and you have to believe in yourself.”

“This game forced me to face the facts for a moment. I don’t have that much talent for badminton”, Julia joked. © Dirk Vertommen

The girls took advantage of their visit to De Beemden to play a game of badminton against some students who will also participate in the Special Olympics next year. “It was fun, but hard,” they say. Julia in particular turned out to have a hard time with the sometimes hard and well-aimed blows of her opponents. “It pressed my nose to the facts for a while. I don’t seem to have that much talent for badminton at all. It was much more difficult than expected,” she laughs.


The students of BA De Beemden were excited that they could play badminton with K3. “We really enjoyed it,” say Yoran (19) and Montano (22), who have participated in the Special Olympics several times in the past and won several medals. “We thought the girls did a really good job too, although they couldn’t always hit back. We will definitely participate in the Special Olympics again next year and we hope to win medals again.”

The girls of K3 paid a visit to BA De Beemden. © Dirk Vertommen

For former KV Mechelen player Piet den Boer, who has been committed to G-sport and the Special Olympics for many years, the girls of K3 are the dream ambassadors. “As an ambassador and as a Mechelaar, I am not only proud that K3 is committed to this, but also that the event can take place in our city. Mechelen is a very warm city and I am convinced that we can make it the warmest Games ever. The athletes deserve all the attention and applause.”

Nele Druyts, director of BA De Beemden, agrees. “It is a great honor for our students that K3 wanted to come and play a game of badminton with them,” she says. “It really is a unique moment that they enjoy immensely. As a school, we participate in the Special Olympics every year. The fact that it will take place in our own city next year makes it extra special. It will certainly be three sporty and festive days.”

Director Nele Druyts (second from left) with teachers and students of the school. © Dirk Vertommen



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