Gimnasia and Ferro now face each other in Buenos Aires

After the clear and resounding victory they achieved on Saturday, Gimnasia will meet again this afternoon from 7:30 p.m. with Ferro, but this time it will be in Caballito de Buenos Aires, in what will be the continuity of the National Basketball League and in the start of a new tour, because on Thursday they will visit Platense and on Saturday they will arrive in La Rioja to face Riachuelo.

With the incorporation of the coach Martín Villagrán, after obtaining the runner-up with the Argentine National Team in the South American U15 in Obras field, the possible return of the Cuban Yoan Mencía and with the confirmed absence of the forward Guido Mariani, Gimnasia will try to repeat the success of ago three days that he achieved against Ferro.

Although it is speculated that it will be a totally different game, Gimnasia, in the first leg and directed by the assistant Juan Varas, was the absolute dominator and established superiority mainly in the inside game, in any case it was much more in every aspect, because Already in the first quarter, 20 points were shot on the scoreboard, where the rival’s “arrimes” only reached 9 points, that is to say that during the night the result was almost set and everything was favorable to the Comodorense cast, more than anything due to the staunch defense that he did for much of the confrontation.

He even stood out without the starting four Mencía -who was changed, but it was not necessary for him to play-, and who was very well replaced by Agustín Barreiro, who, starting for the first time in the season, did an enormous job, well supported by all the good that the center Gerard DeVaughn continues to offer. With that controlled internal zone, he added versatility from the outside and there the incorporation of Tyrone White stood out -the shooting guard and forward position will be shared with Iván Gramajo-, who exhibited skill and who will surely have to improve in scoring, because he was Hired to be one of the score keepers in difficult moments.

Since the Gymnastics League began, it has not dropped from the first four places and now has the second best record with just two losses in nine performances; from tonight he will try to certify the high effectiveness that he has been fulfilling on the trips, because in the previous two he made he was left with two of the three games he played, which allows him to have a more than favorable outlook for the rest of the regular season , because he is assuming a very tough fixture, with nine games away in the first 12 dates, but then he will have the chances to climb even more in the positions when he faces the games in Socios.

Ferro did not show much on Saturday, because with a squad made up entirely of nationals, he was never in a game and it cost him enormously to attack. That is why he was already far behind from the first quarter and never being able to return to the procedure, despite the fact that in some section he hit from the outside and lowered the distance to one digit, but it was never a concrete reaction and he ended up being overwhelmed by the local.



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