Germany is a team again thanks to Hansi Flick

Dhe “Tiger” hardly moves from the spot. It’s blazing hot in the midday sun in al-Ruwais, and Hermann Gerland, in long trousers and a long shirt, has pulled his peaked cap down over his face. The national team’s assistant coach watches the first training session in Qatar rather stoically from the middle circle.

His boss, on the other hand, paces restlessly back and forth between the small groups. “Ready for the ball!”, “First contact, yes!”, “A little more speed!” – and again and again: “Come on! Come on!” Hansi Flick is ready and he wants to show that, later the players will say that it was an extraordinarily intense session.

In any case, you only have to watch the man with the red whistle around his neck this Saturday to know: the World Cup emergency has begun. Even if Flick’s gaze, at least here, first goes down to the feet of his players. As if he could get a few percent out of it now: “Come on!”

For a good fifteen months, the national coach turned almost every screw he could find to make this World Cup, his first tournament as boss, a success. For Flick, success is not relative. You didn’t have to come to him with the intention of playing a few good games and maybe going home satisfied despite a lost semi-final.


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