George Russell wins ahead of Lewis Hamilton in Brazil

An the end, George Russell spoke of the beginning of a wonderful time: “This is just the beginning,” the Englishman called out to his team over the radio when he crossed the finish line of the Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday evening. First place for the first time in his Formula 1 career, closely followed by Lewis Hamilton in the second Mercedes. Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz was third. “It’s fantastic, on the slowdown lap I had so many thoughts about my way here, I’m proud of myself,” said Russell. There were tears in his eyes at the award ceremony: “I controlled the race, but in the end Lewis was very fast. He put so much pressure on. We managed to turn things around this season after all.”

The former series world champion Mercedes achieved the first triumph this year. In the Constructors’ Championship, the team has narrowed the gap to Ferrari by just 19 points. The ranking is not only important for prestige. It also decides on the share of the prize money. It’s about millions of euros.

Right at the beginning of the race in Sao Paulo, the fight for positions led to outrageously expensive cold deformations. The junkyard record after 15 minutes: two cars out of the race, three damaged. Which can be explained at the end of a season. The world championship fights are decided. In many cases it’s about honor or a lot of money for the team fund.

Magnussen out early

And so the failure of Kevin Magnussen in Haas hurt after his coup in qualifying and the respectable eighth place in the sprint race on Saturday. Pushed by Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren), the Dane went wide on the first lap, hitting the Australian who caused the accident in reverse gear. The full contact ended the tour of the two.



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