Gata will host the Preferred and Autonomous Basketball Cups this season – xabiaaldia

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Gata de Gorgos will become the venue for the Preferred Cups and the 2022-2023 Autonomous Basketball Cup. Over the next few months, the municipality will become the Community’s sports epicenter, hosting the different competitions that will award the first titles of this season.

The Gata pavilion will host four matches with four teams participating in each one. Each one of them will pursue a double objective since the champion of each cup will have everything in their favor to end the season by moving up a category. The scheduled matches are: Preferential Women’s Junior Cup, Preferential Men’s Junior Cup, Preferential Senior Men’s and Regional Men’s Senior Cup.

The first of the competitions will be held on the weekend of December 3 and 4. The Preferent Women’s Junior Cup will bring together Gata at NBF Castelló, at Básquet Comenius, at Blansa CBF Port de Sagunt and at CB San Blas Alicante B.

Gata wants to be the perfect host so, in addition to being able to enjoy each game on site in the pavilion itself, there will be a broadcast on streaming of each one of them through the Youtube channel of the Valencian Community Basketball Federation so that all fans can enjoy them from any point.



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