France team: Dembl has changed a lot

In view against Australia (4-1) and Denmark (2-1) at the start of the 2022 World Cup, Ousmane Dembl has clearly reached a milestone in the France team. His percussive qualities delighted coach Didier Deschamps, who was also won over by his defensive awareness.

Ousmane Dembl impresses his teammate Aurlien Tchouamni.

It’s hard to say how far this French team will go. One thing is certain, it is that the Blues are making a better start to the competition compared to the 2018 World Cup which they won.

The observation applies in particular to Ousmane Dembl who, this time, did not miss his entry into the tournament. We remember that his performance against Australia (2-1) had taken him out of Didier Deschamps’ plans in Russia.

Dembl’s progress

Four years later, the Socceroos discovered a more effective winger on Tuesday (4-1). The tricolor international manages to limit his ball losses thanks to better choices and represents a permanent danger. His progress was confirmed against Denmark (2-1) on Saturday, especially during an excellent first period.

The coach of the Blues obviously appreciated his ability to make the difference and distribute good crosses. But Dembl’s real progression lies elsewhere. Obviously he has taken a step, a comment Deschamps on beIN Sports. I’m not going to tell him what to do with the ball, he knows how to do it. But he listens, he understands. He had already corrected one or two positions in the first game.

Chouamni can’t believe it

Satisfied with the defensive work of his winger, the technician was already talking about a player more built, more mature between the two meetings of the 2022 World Cup. Because of the daily demands with his club, he is better, noted the French coach. Dembl has indeed taken a step forward with FC Barcelona in recent months. His teammate and rival Aurlien Tchouamni follows him to Spain. And yet, the Real Madrid midfielder did not expect such discipline from the Blaugrana.

If I was impressed by his defensive withdrawals? Frankly yeah (laughs). He collected balloons huh (laughs). I watch Barca games from time to time, he doesn’t defend as much, the Merengue wondered. But frankly today (Saturday), on the volume, he impressed me. It must be said that Deschamps makes his job a little easier. Behind him, a full-back with a defensive profile like Jules Kound can only reassure him, as can the work of the midfielders. Thus, Dembl can in particular take advantage of his complicity with Kylian Mbapp, whom he almost offered a decisive second pass in the competition on Saturday. It is perhaps only a postponement since the competitor of Kingsley Coman, probably mnag against Tunisia on Wednesday, should then regain his place acquired in the eleven.

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