Football Manager 2023: PS5 version is delayed indefinitely

Launching on other platforms follows what had been planned by the company

One of the most popular football simulators in the world, Football Manager 2023 has been launched for PlayStation 5 postponed indefinitely. Initially, Sports Interactive had promised that the title would arrive on the Sony from the 8th of November, but now there is simply no release date set.

Despite having confirmed that Football Manager 2023 would not be available for players of PlayStation 5, the game’s studio did not say why the decision was being made. That way, fans will have to wait until a new release date is officially announced by Sports Interactive.

The most explanation given to the fans is referring to “unexpected problems”. However, they highlighted that they spent the last few weeks trying to prevent the delay from actually being made, but ended up having no other option but to delay the arrival of the title for the new generation of consoles from Sony.

“It was especially difficult to make the decision to delay as it involves delaying a major game that a number of talented people at Sports Interactive have worked hard and for a long time to work on,” the company said in the statement regarding the postponement of the release of Football Manager 2023 to the PlayStation 5.

Players will be able to request a refund on the PlayStation Store

With the launch of the simulator approaching, Sports Interactive had already released the purchase of Football Manager through the PlayStation Store for all players. However, with the announcement of the postponement, the company revealed that those who made the investment will be able to ask for the money back if they want.

The game’s developer has confirmed that Football Manager will be coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PlayStation 5. This will be the first time since 2013 that the game will be released for Sony products. So far, all other releases are on schedule.

Football Manager 2023 is announced for PC and consoles;  Brazil is out

Football Manager 2023 is announced for PC and consoles; Brazil is out
This will be the first time since 2013 that the game has arrived for Sony consoles.


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