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Here the new DAZN boss answers the questions of the SPORT BILD readers!

Alice Mascia has been running the largest German sports streaming platform DAZN since May 2022. Now the Italian is answering questions from SPORT BILD readers – and giving exciting answers!

Mascia explains the background to the hefty price increase, reveals that DAZN will launch a number of free channels on the Internet in the future – and with the “stadium sound option” gives fans hope for a feature that many users have sorely missed!


Reader Michael Mauß: With what justification does DAZN make such a high price increase? From 15 to 20 euros would have been fine too…

Alice Mascia (48): We have greatly expanded our range in recent years and have also invested heavily in the quality of our productions. Football rights such as the UEFA Champions League and the Bundesliga are particularly expensive. Nevertheless, we did not initially increase the price significantly during this period. We are now one of the largest investors in the German sports industry and as a company we have to refinance these investments. That is the simple reason for the price increase. This is the only way we can ensure that we offer such a unique portfolio for the fans and at the same time continue to invest in DAZN. We understand that some felt this jump was too abrupt.

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Johannes Hillebrandt: Why weren’t prices increased moderately, e.g. B. 20 euros instead of 30 euros? Three million subscribers at 20 euros each generate as much revenue as two million subscribers at 30 euros each.

We did that in previous years. The price went from EUR 9.99 to EUR 11.99 to EUR 14.99 per month. But we also recently reacted to the feedback from the market: There is an annual subscription for 24.99 euros per month. There are also discounted package offers with Sky and Deutsche Telekom for around 20 euros per month.

Dominik Kroll: Are you aiming for a stronger presence on linear TV?

We are planning a strong expansion of the linear channels, yes. Two of them, DAZN 1 and DAZN 2, are already available through Vodafone, MagentaTV and Sky. Also, there will soon be a series of linear “FAST” channels available to watch free-to-air over the internet without subscription. There will be highlights, documentaries and our own formats, but also live events.

Axel Wittek: Why can’t the viewer just switch to stadium sound like with Sky?

We plan to offer multiple comment options. This includes different languages ​​and also the stadium sound. We don’t have an exact timing yet, but teams are working on it and we’ll announce it as soon as we have news.

Carmen Pferr: I was only able to see one half of three games due to reception problems. What are you doing to improve stability? (Also asked about stability: Michael Kraus, Jonas Dötsch and Stephan Brenn)

We have an extensive team that only takes care of technical stability, both locally and globally. We’ve done a lot since the launch of DAZN in 2016 and the stability of the platform has improved significantly – even at high-traffic events. Unfortunately, there are still isolated exceptions that annoy us at least as much as the users. Fortunately, we then react very quickly. Honestly, these glitches happen in the tech industry – not just us. When everything works, hardly anyone talks about it, but when there is just one small problem, then everyone. That’s how it is.

Moderator Laura Wontorra is the DAZN face at top football games

Moderator Laura Wontorra is the DAZN face at top football games

Foto: Getty Images

Hans-Peter Lakatos: When I watch weekday broadcasts from Spain, Italy or France, unfortunately the commentary is in English. This is very annoying. When will this be adjusted?

We currently have an average of around 100 live broadcasts per week. We would like to offer all of them with German commentary, but unfortunately this is not practical. That’s why we have to concentrate on selected games: all games with German participation and top international encounters where we expect a large number of spectators. For example: Serie A games like Salernitana vs Empoli or Monza are more of a special interest and I say that as an Italian.



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