Fernando Uribe leaves the Junior, interests Medellín, Cali and Tolima for the 2023 season | Colombian Soccer | betplay league

fernando uribe He did not have the season he expected with Junior and his story as a rojiblanco would come to an end.

In December his contractual relationship will end and there are no airs of renewal in Barranquilla. Apparently, both the player and the managers do not want to extend the contract and the attacker will have to say goodbye to the shark once the championship ends.

The journalist Julián Capera mentioned on his YouTube channel that Uribe would already have several interested clubs. It took longer to make the decision not to continue in Junior, than to receive the first flirtations in the FPC. The striker would be in the plans of three major league clubs: Independiente Medellín, Deportes Tolima and Deportivo Cali. Which one will he be encouraged by?

Fernando Uribe leaves Junior, his contract ends and the decision is not to renew that link. He is recovered and training normally, and the decision on either side is not to continue with the relationship, so he leaves. There are three teams that have communicated, one of them presented numbers. That team is Independiente Medellín“Cape said.

He mentioned that the powerful team was the first to raise their hand for Fernando and that there would already be dialogues with their environment, to learn values. “Uribe wants to stay in Colombian soccer and that team has already discussed numbers with the player’s entourage, he has also had calls from two other teams in Colombia, yes, to consult; Deportivo Cali and Deportes Tolima are two teams that are looking for forwards“.

It should be remembered that Uribe, 34, played with Millonarios in 2021 and after a brilliant performance, he was approached by Junior who convinced him to leave albiazul with a better salary proposal, where they insisted on a renewal. If the Pereirano is signed with DIM, Tolima or Cali, it would become his eighth club in the FPC. Uribe played among some for Once Caldas and Nacional.


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