FC Bayern: ex-Bundesliga star sad about Bayern change Sports

You only get a chance like this once in a lifetime…

Leon Bailey (25) was considered one of the greatest talents in the football world. Even FC Bayern wanted him when he was still playing at Bayer Leverkusen. He now plays for Aston Villa.

Now the international of Jamaica has shown nostalgia.

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On the Let’s Be Honest podcast, he spilled the beans: “I made a big mistake in the past. It could have been a great transfer. Bayern wanted me, they even visited me at home. But despite everything, Leverkusen didn’t want to let me go. Bayern wanted me to replace Robben.”

What is meant is the summer of 2019. At that time, Bayern fought hard for the winger. Instead of signing Bailey, the club ultimately decided to loan Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan. With the Croatian, Bayern got the triple in the Corona period in 2020.

Leon Bailey rejected a move to Bayern

Photo: Rui Vieira/AP

In 2017, Leverkusen put almost 17 million on the table for Bailey at Belgium club KRC Genk. Four years later it was sold for 32 million!

Bailey goes on to explain: “But don’t forget that I was in Leverkusen for four and a half years and left when I was 23, 24. These big clubs want young, talented players and they will spend money. But (moving to Villa) was my path to the Premier League. There were a lot of other clubs that wanted me, but I did my homework, did my research and looked at the team that would suit me best because I wanted to be in the right environment.”

He is particularly positive about the Werkself: “Leverkusen are a top club. Not just in terms of performances, but also behind the scenes: the environment, the facilities, the club, the stadium, all that. There are so many big names in the Premier League but a lot of these stadiums and facilities… Man only sees the stadiums on TV and not behind the scenes. Those are the simple things that help make the decision.”

Instead of going to Bayern, he just went to Villa. With great ambitions, however, the club remains in the middle of the Premier League.

He says: “When Villa approached me, they wanted to make a move. They spent a lot of money and they wanted to play European football and I believed in it and I still believe that we will play in Europe. I wouldn’t say it was a hasty move because I could have played in the Premier League long ago, even at bigger clubs.”



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