Facundo Campazzo leaves the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA: the reasons and the possible future of the Cordovan

Campazzo will not continue playing for Dallas (@dallasmavs)

The news, not because it is expected, stops falling like a bucket of cold water. For Facundo Campazzo, in particular, and Argentine sport in general. The new adventure of Cordoba in the NBA has ended, at least for now. Another blow for the captain of our national team, who fought until he won a place in the Dallas Mavericks at the last moment and, after just 10 games, he terminated his contract. Now, and for the next 48 hours, he can be claimed by any NBA team. At that time, he will be an unrestricted free agent.

From the United States, information first emerged that the Dallas Mavericks were very close to signing Kemba Walker, a point guard who knew how to be elite but has struggled for years with physical problems and cuts from the teams he reinforces. At that moment, knowing that the team had to make a place on the roster, he began to fear the worst. The target, especially for not having a guaranteed contract, became Campazzo. There were other options, such as Theo Pinson or Frank Ntikilina, but the salary issue was the big difference, in addition to the characteristics of the Cordovan, who did not fit into the team and, looking at recent seasons, neither in the new NBA game .

Facu signed a day before the start of the season. So unusually close to the season that he couldn’t debut until Game 3, because he didn’t have a work visa. In the first game, against the Pelicans and due to the absence of Tim Hardaway Junior, a guard with many minutes on the team, he played a lot (13m) and had valuable moments from him. Then just three against the Nets and after Hardaway’s return, he didn’t play in eight of the next nine games. Actually, the one he entered, it was barely 10 seconds. Any. It was beginning to become clear that Jason Kidd didn’t have it in his plans. And that he didn’t like his game, despite the fact that he praised him a lot when he signed him, saying that Dallas needed to play like him, that they were going to bet on his essence.

Same thing Mike Malone said in Denver. It is increasingly clear that the coaches declare for the stands, to look good. Or, at least, they don’t say everything they think. Because Campazzo never played Campazzo. Not in Denver and not now in Dallas. It is clear that the current NBA game is not made for a pure point guard like him, who needed the ball to control the rhythms and make his teammates play. And less when the team that reinforces is so dependent on a player, that he has the ball in hand almost all the time and makes 80% of the decisions. As the Nuggets were Deportivo Jokic, the Mavs are Deportivo Doncic.

Facu needs the ball but they were not given to him in Denver or Dallas. The few times they put him, they placed him to the side so that he can be a shooter. And, we know, FC is not. He’s also not a versatile guard and scorer, which is all the rage today. This season he had 23% from the field and 27% on three-pointers, scoring just 10 points in the meager 52 minutes he was given. In his 138 games in the NBA, his average is 5.3 points, with 37% from the field and 32.6% in triples. Too little. His thing is to contribute in other facets, but that is not what they ask of him today.

His short stature and the excellent offensive quality that abounds in the NBA did not allow him to leave his mark.
His short stature and the excellent offensive quality that abounds in the NBA did not allow him to leave his mark.

Also, being so on the edge, with so few minutes and with a partially guaranteed contract, leaves you very exposed. More if your team doesn’t work (Dallas lost five of the last six) and the DT is in urgent need of changes. Kidd chose to go for Walker, an NBA figure for 10 seasons (he averages 19.5 points and 5.3 goal passes in his career), but for three years he has been suffering from injuries that have not allowed him to return to what he was. In the last three seasons he played only 56, 43 and 37 games, respectively, and now, at 31, the campaign had started without him. He was on the market and the Mavs caught him, to have another ball handler and, above all, someone to provide points and decisions when Luka is not on the court.

Campazzo couldn’t convince Kidd. Training sessions, we know, have very little importance in the NBA, because they are very light, basically because they play very often. So, trust must be earned in the few minutes they give you. Facu, for example, did very well in the first half against Houston, when Doncic rested, on November 16. With his aggressiveness on both sides, he turned the game around and Dallas turned it around. But in the second half, he missed a few shots, lost confidence, walked out, and the Rockets took the game. He then entered four other games, but always in the “junk minutes”, filler, with the games defined.

In addition to his lack of offense, in terms of points and percentages, his defensive efficiency was also not good, which is his forte. And the Mavs, in need in that area, took note. His short stature and the excellent offensive quality that abounds in the NBA did not allow him to leave his mark on that side. The other part was made by the contract you signed. Because it came at the last minute, the agents were unable to get more than a partially guaranteed deal, the only one of the 15 players on the roster. This gave Dallas some flexibility if it had to make trades. Even Kidd recognized it. So it was easy for Campazzo to pay for any change.

A few hours ago the player’s environment learned the news and began to work on their future. Today it seems difficult for another hole to appear in the NBA, though they always come up. More than anything because, lately, the Campazzo thing is not enough to trust. He has to appear a coach too convinced to give him minutes and confidence in the essence of him. He does not emerge as feasible. Yes, the return to Europe, which Campazzo wanted to postpone at all costs because, we already know, Facu already did everything he had to do there: win each tournament and be the MVP of the finals, no less than in the biggest team, Real Madrid.

precisely Madrid appears as the perfect marriage. Firstly, because Facu already knows everything there and secondly, because Real did not start well, they have their DT typing (Chus Mateo) and the point guards that are there have made water, including Sergio Llull, whom even the fans have criticized despite being an idol. from the White House. Surely Facu will attract interest from other top clubs in Europe, such as Fenerbahce, who wanted him before signing with Dallas and now on top of that he suffered an injury to guard Scottie Wilbekin. The Turkish team is the leader of the Euroleague (9-1 mark), the most important competition, which could seduce Facu to return to the Old Continent. For now the Argentine is not eager to do it, not even after this news, but it could be an interesting option if nothing more appears from the NBA in the next few days.

Milano, with Ettore Messina as coach, the one who helped train Ginóbili and had his NBA step, could be another option, according to reports. Today he is second in the League with a 7-1 mark, but last in the Euroleague with 3-7. Real, who also has his friend Gabriel Deck, is third with 7-3. Campazzo still owes part of the termination clause to go to the NBA, but the key is that both parties, especially Madrid, put aside some friction that happened in recent times due to negotiations that did not come to fruition

We’ll see what happens. For now, the NBA closed another door in Campazzo’s face. We will see if he wants to continue hitting or if he turns around, suitcase in hand, and seeks to return to where he was happy, already at 31 years old. Talent and personality abound. Before and now.

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