F1 arrives in Madrid in an exhibition

Poster of the F1 exhibition in Madrid.

The competition wants to start making its history, present and future known through an exhibition that will go beyond what is seen in the races

Formula 1 has been, since its inception, the epitome of motorsport. Its philosophy is to be the fastest cars in the world with the most cutting-edge technology and driven by the best drivers on the planet. But it goes much further.

For this reason, they have organized a traveling exhibition (at least in its conception) in collaboration with filmmakers, artists and audiovisual creators, whose first stop will be in Spain. Specifically in Madrid, at the IFEMA fairgrounds, which is one of the spaces where work is being done to carry out a hypothetical future project for a circuit. It is not accidental, far from it.

From March to July 2023, fans who want to know a little more about the ins and outs of the championship will be able to attend to enjoy this initiative with “an advanced technical approach and design, as well as large-scale interactive displays to reveal the past.” , present and future of Formula 1”, they point out from the organization.

It will have six different areas that can be explored in about 90 minutes where educational and engineering spaces, sculptural pieces and, of course, historic Formula 1 cars will be combined. «The inauguration of this wonderful exhibition marks an important moment in the history of Formula 1. As the sport continues to grow exponentially, it is essential that we keep our fans at the forefront of everything we do. Opening this international exhibition will allow more fans around the world to fall in love with Formula 1; it will also serve as the perfect platform to honor the incredible history of the sport. I would like to thank every single person who has contributed to this project and who has helped build an exhibition that captures the essence and soul of the sport we all love,” explains Stefano Domenicali, F1 CEO.

The objective of this exhibition is to make known to the general public that, disengaged from racing on television, does not fully know this sport. The introduction of elements not so well known by the general public wants to be a hook piece. «This exhibition will take fans to the ‘backstage’ of Formula 1; provides them with new, unexpected and fascinating perspectives on the history of the sport. We are overwhelmed by the support of many of Formula 1’s key teams and figures. The exhibition will celebrate Formula 1’s rich history and heritage in an exciting and fun way that will captivate everyone from avid fans to children. , young people and families”, says Timothy Harvey, chief curator of the exhibition.

Tickets will be on sale from December 1, although they can be purchased from November 29 just by subscribing to the newsletter by e-mail. The normal ticket price is 19.90 euros and free for children under 3 years of age.



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