Exemplary punishment: The referee should be fined for alcohol, it was stuffy during the investigation

Negotiations about the future of the referee from Mělnick, who until recently whistled the league (and was kicked out of it twice due to mistakes), took place behind closed doors. It was stuffy. Among other things, due to the fact that the association was informed that the case is also being handled by representatives of Fortuna, one of the main partners.

But the atmosphere also thickened due to the fact that Matějček denied any wrongdoing. “All three referees claimed that none of them drank alcohol,” the head of the referees’ commission Václav Hartman told Deník.

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The basic axis of the story is this: Karlovy Vary beat Plzeň B 3:2 at home on Saturday, yet they complained about the man with the whistle. The strange behavior of the delegated referee seemed suspicious to them even before the match, and when he fell during it, those present were definitely clear.

After all, you will not commit yourself to the earth in a pure light.

Source: Daniel Seifert

The representatives of the commission also had this view of the matter. “We looked at the record, we had the delegate’s report. The fall was telling. That’s not how you trip. And if you do, you have reflexes, defense, put your hands in front of you,” said Hartman.

By the way, according to Hartman, the officials were very careful. “We didn’t just deal with referee Matějček’s fall, his further movement in some moments did not meet normal standards,” he said.

But the judges denied everything. “We invited all three judges. We wanted to map out the whole day, so they went to the commission one by one,” explained Hartman.

Violation of the Code of Ethics

It is important to mention that it was the second match in one day for Matějček and his colleagues. In the morning, they decided the divisional match in Komárov in Berounsk, where the Rokycans arrived. The home team celebrated, the guests talked about the scandalous cut.

Jakub Podaný, Hřebeč - Doksy (Beer, sausage and Champions League).

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But that’s not what this story is about. It is about what the referees did on the way to Karlovy Vary. “They described to us that they were at lunch, what they had. And then they went to the bathroom at the pump and bought a soft drink,” stated Hartman.

The head of the commission sensed trouble even before kick-off. “I found out that there might be a problem sixteen minutes before the match. The delegate called me that there was some accusation. But he concluded that the referee was fine. It would not be possible to look for a replacement in such a hurry.”

You already know: fall, shame and exemplary punishment.

Hartman himself admitted that although he has been active in football for a long time, he has never reached such a strict verdict before.

“Referees have signed a code of ethics. My colleagues in the commission and I unanimously agreed that he violated it and lost our trust,” he said in reference to Matějček. At the same time, he sighed: “The credit of the referees, which we have been trying to work on for the last few months, has taken a serious blow.”

Nevertheless, the clouds did not completely lift over Matějček. “An appeal is a consideration, he has the right to do that,” Hartman mentioned.

And cases from the past show that it is possible to whistle with the brand. Someone will force a second (third, tenth…) chance. Like Marek Pilný, another sinner from a shameful (also drunken) affair in the top competition. Although he received a lifetime ban from Miroslav Pelta, he was soon back. After year. And now he even leads the district union in Trutnovsk.

“No comment”
Milan Matějček was given space to express himself. His response was two words: “No comment.” It is thus possible to repeat only his first and only statement from Monday, in which he attributed the fall to fatigue.

Referee Milan Matějček in the match Slavia - Plzeň B.

The aftermath of the Karlovy Vary affair: the referee has a problem, the sponsor is in shock

“He arrived packed like a plastic bag from Hypernova”
Milan Matějček made a splash already in the first Saturday match between Komárov vs. Rokycany (3:1). Together with colleagues Erik Hlaváček and Lukáš Machýček, they whistled very tendentially according to the guests. Experienced goalkeeper Dan Houdek mentioned Matějček’s arrogance. “He said he would enjoy us. To illustrate how footballers share experiences with each other, we also include his postscript. “In the evening, my friends from Viktorka and Varů wrote to me that the same three referees were booing them, and that Matějček had already arrived packed like a plastic bag from Hypernova.”



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