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Mga 1st level course, diploma for twelve new technicians

Yesterday (November 26) morning, after 36 hours of theoretical-practical lessons at the PalaPalestre “Padre John Caneparo” in Ferrara, the…

Preliminary phase of the Opes championship, first seasonal success for Siever

The Preliminary Phase of the Opes championship has reached the 5th round

Spal, De Rossi and the play-off goal: “It’s not crazy, but let’s think about Brescia”

Tenth round of the championship for coach Daniele De Rossi’s Spal, who will meet former Pep Clotet’s Brescia at the “Rigamonti”

The Brescia of the ex wants to scare Spal

Mister Clotet, to regain victory against his former team at the “Rigamonti” stadium, but will have to deal with numerous…

More polluting discharges on the Po di Volano

Still evident polluting discharges near the bridge in via Caldirolo, on the Po di Volano, a few steps from the historic center…

“L’amór còs’èl?”

Dear friends of the Ferrara dialect, I present to you a poem by Beniamino Biolcati. (Read by my friend Roberto Gamberoni). I am pleased to recall, with this…

From Hippocrates to Mengele

“I am a state doctor and I must comply with state directives”

I loved you Dad

We combined a lot huh? You have been my idol. The scent of your skin will remain a wonderful memory. You…

Italian constitution and fascism compared

A comparison between the fundamental principles of the republican constitution and the fascist doctrine

Eat&drink generation

Is it ever possible that, on a too hot afternoon at the end of October, the 26,000 students enrolled at the University of Ferrara were all…

Barbara’s story

I then tried to rebuild my life away from him and convey serenity and trust to my children together with my…

But they don’t give a damn

I wanted to keep quiet, watch and wait, say some set phrase or a nice way of saying, which is so fashionable

An ironic poem by Luciano Montanari

Dearest admirers of the Ferrarese dialect, today we present to you a great character of Ferrarese literature, who honors me with his friendship:…

Almost two hundred young people in Cna on the occasion of the world day against violence against women

Sharing of values: the meeting of Cna Impresa Donna Ferrara was dedicated to this, on the occasion of the World Day against…

“Opportunities in motion”, a meeting on Parkinson’s

Saturday 26 November, on the occasion of the 14th edition of the National Day, a meeting at the Bacchelli swimming pool dedicated to Parkinson’s

Green Jobs: skills and professionalism for the circular economy in companies

Centoform, with Unife and other partners, wants to train new specialized technicians who can act as “facilitators” of the innovation processes connected…

An international conference on “community psychiatry” in Ferrara

On 25 and 26 November Ferrara hosts an international conference dedicated to “community psychiatry” organized by the Local Health Authority



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