Estelianas will participate in the Pan American Judo Qualifier 2022

Seven Nicaraguan athletes will represent Nicaragua in the 2022 Pan American Judo Qualifier, which will soon be held in the Central American country of Panama.

At around three in the afternoon this Wednesday, November 23, five female athletes and two male athletes left for Panama, including two Estelianas, who won the Central American Judo contest a few months ago, according to Apolinar Quintero Salinas, Judo coach. in Estelí.

“It is a great honor to represent the Diamond of Las Segovias and Nicaragua, we thank the media for supporting and promoting the sport, the municipal mayor’s office, the Olympic Committee that is making all its efforts, the Nicaraguan Judo Federation, at the same time coordinated with the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports”, expressed Quintero.

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As the coach explained, these Nicaraguan athletes have been preparing for some time and that after their outstanding participation in other matches, the Estelians were selected to participate in this Pan American, in which they must be at least in place number seven to qualify. in the Central American Meeting that will be in El Salvador in the year 2023.

For their part, the athletes are very excited to be able to represent the name of Nicaragua in this international meeting, such is the case of Génesis Valeria Quintero, who explained that she has been practicing this sport for fifteen years, which has allowed her to become a high performance athlete.

“I feel happy and proud to go to represent Nicaragua, I thank God for this opportunity and my family for all their support. This is a very nice discipline with which they teach us values ​​such as respect and solidarity,” said Genesis.



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