Ephemeris November 8 | Free Area FM 96.3

ON DECEMBER 8, 1903, the corvette Uruguay under the command of Lieutenant Julián Irizar successfully rescued the Swedish expedition led by Otto Nordenskjold, who were aboard the whaler Antartic in the waters of the White Continent.

ON NOVEMBER 9, 1922, Matilde Illoyen de Vera died at the age of 26 on the Viamonte ranch.

ON NOVEMBER 8, 1926, the Sarmiento Popular Library of Ushuaia was inaugurated.

ON NOVEMBER 8, 1991, the Ambassador of the United States of America Terence Todman arrived in Rio Grande. He especially visited the province, touring the Industrial Park, the Salesian Mission, the Estancia María Behety in Rio Grande. He was received by the Rural Association of Tierra del Fuego (Río Grande) with a lunch at its headquarters located in Oveja Negra.

ON NOVEMBER 8, 1996, the Popular Sarmiento Library of the City of Ushuaia inaugurated its new building on the day it turned 70 years old.

ON NOVEMBER 8, 2001, at the X Araucanía Games, the Tierra del Fuego cyclist Mauricio Nuñez ranked 11th among 48 runners in the 100 kilometres, while Eduardo Obligado won the silver medal in judo.




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