Ellyes Skhiri’s advisor gives the club little hope

Ellyes Skhiri is tied to 1. FC Köln until June 30, 2023. A date that is ringing the alarm bells at the present time, around half a year before. Because Cologne runs the risk of losing the top performer free of charge in the near future. As Michael Reschke, representative of Skhiri’s consulting agency ICM Stellar, now explains, the probability that this scenario will occur is also relatively high.

“Of course we will also talk to FC about the conditions for an extension,” says Reschke according to the Express. In order for Skhiri to stay with FC, however, the club has to offer a lot of money and stretch extremely. And will Skhiri be enough in the end? Unlikely. Reschke: “You have to be realistic: It’s not impossible for Cologne to keep Skhiri. But it will be very, very difficult.”

Winter change a conceivable scenario

So it’s a goodbye. The question remains whether this will happen at the end of the season, then without a fee for Cologne, or this winter. Then the Bundesliga club could still get money and invest it in a replacement candidate who is then tied for the summer.

But does that play a bigger role in the thoughts of those responsible for FC? The club would lose an important player and potentially jeopardize the goals of the season. Advisor Reschke does not rule out a winter change for his client, but also says that it should make sense for all parties.

As in previous years, there will definitely be people interested in Skhiri. With the now new consulting company behind you, after four good years at 1. FC Köln in the summer, the next step is probably imminent. It’s still unclear where it’s going. “He’s open to his future. It’s our job to work out a handful of options for him to choose from,” said Reschke.



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