Eintracht Frankfurt focused before the Augsburg duel

Wf his players can mentally cope with the constant stress as well as coach Oliver Glasner, then Eintracht Frankfurt can be optimistic about the away game at FC Augsburg this Saturday. Despite countless press conferences in the past few English weeks, the Austrian surprised twice on Friday with fresh puns when he was asked to describe the situation of his team to the media.

“The players are hungry, although they’ve had a lot to eat lately.” With this sentence, Glasner illustrated his assessment of the question of whether the team, after reaching the round of 16 in the Champions League through the away win at Sporting Lisbon (2: 1) was able to switch to everyday life in the Bundesliga last Tuesday. To prove it, he told of the training-free Thursday, when he kept his body in shape in the weight room. “I need that too sometimes.” Glasner was not alone, however, but unexpectedly received company from Almamy Touré and Evan Ndicka. “But it doesn’t bother me too much, I slowed them down,” said the trainer and added: “It gives me a good feeling that after all the stress they can come to the camp on the day off.”

The Eintracht coach used the second bon mot when he was asked to describe the grueling end-of-year sprint: “We have 45 games, and there will be 48 this year. That means we haven’t reached our goal yet. We still have the last three slalom poles. And even if you thread the last one, you’re eliminated. That’s why it’s still three times to get through the bars with concentration to reach the finish line.”

Particularly unpleasant slalom pole

The Augsburgers are a particularly awkward slalom pole, to stay in Glasner’s image, one that breaks the rhythm and gets stuck in icy terrain. Applied to the football field, this means: The Augsburgers torment their opponents with high pressing, aggressive and intensive attacks, many man-to-man actions, with high and wide balls into the depths, which they then pursue. All things that particularly hurt Eintracht in its current state. Physically, Glasner doesn’t see any major problems, despite the game marathon, he thinks his players’ condition is good: “Praise for the medical department and the athletics department,” said Glasner.



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