Edwuin Cetré quarreled with a journalist on WhatsApp and they criticize him

After what was the hard fall in the final of the Betplay Cup against millionaires, many were the comments against the staff and the coaching staff of Junior de Barranquilla.

The approach of Julio Avelino Comesaña and the attitude of the players on the field was much discussedboth by journalists and junior fans.

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One of the most noted was the attacker Edwin Cetré, who started over Carlos Bacca and contributed little in the attack. In the different social networks, the comments against him did not stop.

The attacker was also harshly criticized by journalists from the city of Barranquilla, something that he did not like at all and led him to confront one of them. This Thursday it became known that the player would have decided to send several messages to a Barranquilla communicator who was reproaching his attitude yesterday in Bogotá.

In the middle of a radio program, Juan Salvador Bárcena shared several voice notes in which the footballer is heard somewhat excited by the criticism against him. In these messages, what would be a supposed threat is heard.

“You think that because you are behind a microphone you have power, handle yourself too, you don’t know me” were the words of Cetré.

These statements were interpreted by Bárcena as a threat, and through his Twitter account he responded.

“If Edwin Cetré believes that sending voice notes to the air for criticizing his post-match actions, they will make us stop our work, he will have to find another team with less pressure or change careers.”

This alleged threat from the Junior player to the journalist was rejected by several colleagues and even the curramberos fans themselves.


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