Eboli. Palasele, councilor Rosamilia: “Conte’s bankruptcy management”

Eboli. “The PalaSele: a ridiculous and harmful management for the whole city. In these hours we are witnessing the umpteenth ugly figure of the mayor Conte and the majority of him “, thus begins in a press release the city councilor, Filomena Rosamilia.

Even more troubling is the inability to manage the ordinary. They just don’t know how to do it. Nor do they grasp the importance of the immense work done by the previous administration, of which I was a part with great pride.

Today I can say even more that we have given a real turning point to the City and in particular to its promotion and enhancement of sports facilities such as PalaSele, making it the most important structure in Southern Italy for both musical events and sporting events.

A flagship of our city. In 2015 the PalaSele was not even registered and did not have the definitive authorization of the Fire Brigade, but only a temporary authorization, useful only for musical events, while for sporting events of national and international importance it was necessary to complete the procedure. We managed in a short time to fulfill and complete all the bureaucratic phase in order to have all the events carried out.

Since 2016 the musical events, thanks to the works carried out inside the PalaSele, have doubled. With sporting events, moreover, the PalaSele has become in effect an ebolitan structure and here the most important sporting events in Italy took place and for those with little memory it is good to remember a few:

– National judo championships

– National sports dance championships

– Qualification of the Futsal 5-a-side football world cup (held for the first time in Southern Italy)

– National fencing championships

– International handball championships

– National championship of artistic gymnastics (held for the first time in Southern Italy)

– World League of volleyball

– The Universiade with the volleyball finals

All events that have completely filled the PalaSele, events that have had a media relevance in the world of vision with direct Rai and Sky and an economic induced never seen for the city. At that time the PalaSele had an important schedule, it didn’t have a free weekend.

But unfortunately the Conte administration is destroying the good we have done.

The damage done during the Judo Championships with thousands of people present was not enough, and the bar closed due to the delays in the race and the total inability of the Mayor to manage a problem, damaging the image of the City and perhaps the risk of losing events of a high sporting depth and an important economic inducement for Eboli.

But even more serious was the serious superficiality, the total lack of vision as well as the inability to manage the dates of the events at the Palasele. The Italian Federation of Sports Dance, after having had the availability of the Municipality in July, organizes one of the most important events in the world of dance, with thousands of attendees, filling hotels and restaurants, but, unexpectedly, the Conte administration – three days before the event – does not grant the structure, as the Feldi match was already scheduled to coincide with the date.

Obviously it is good to remember that Feldi herself is a victim of the managerial inability of this administration, knowing the availability of the President Di Domenico, as in the past we have always managed to reconcile the events, it was enough to involve him in the right time and today we would have had both sporting events. We always remember the great feat that President Di Domenico is doing, bringing the name of Eboli not only in Italy, but today also in Europe.

And what does the Mayor say, with a disarming superficiality, that “there was a misunderstanding” not finding any concrete solution to the “misunderstanding” he himself caused.

Yet it was enough to simply do what has always been done in the past: plan, program and coordinate with sports realities and we would certainly have kept both events.

Instead we find ourselves today with a dispute with the Federation of Sports Dance for the economic damage it had, the risk that they will no longer come to Eboli, an economic damage for the Ebolitan structures that had sold out with this event that attracts a crazy following and an enormous damage for the many excellences of our dance schools which, thanks also to PalaSele, have grown with national and other champions. Now, however, they are forced to go to Giugliano, just as we will be forced to go to Aversa to see the round of 32 in the Futsal Championships of our great Feldi.

It was enough just to continue the great work done by the Cariello junta. But if in a year the Mayor and his followers managed to destroy everything that he had built, let’s imagine what will happen in the next 4 years.

The first they leave the government of this city, the first we save what can be saved ”.


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