Does football OWE Messi a World Cup? Lewandowski’s STRONG response

The Pole -rival of the Argentine National Team in Qatar 2022- throbbed the World Cup and referred to the chances of the Albiceleste to keep the title.

The Qatar World Cup 2022 is days away from its kickoff and many are the fans who are excited that Lionel Messi lift his first World Cup. About, The one who added his opinion was the Polish Robert Lewandowski, who had a forceful answer to the question of whether football “owes” a World Cup to the For money.

If you analyze football in the last 10 or 15 years, the two main figures have been Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and, in the end, if you think about who deserves to win this World Cup, those names always come up. They are legends. But on the other hand this is football and you can never tell what is going to happen because it is a dramatic and unpredictable game“, expressed the Polish footballer in dialogue with the Spanish media Brand.


By focusing on the For moneyLewandowski reiterated the unpredictability of football, without risking it for the Argentine: “In the case of Messi, it is impossible for his achievements to be repeated, and furthermore, his incredible story continues. He now dreams of winning the World Cup. For him, this is the great challenge. But this is a World Cup and you can never know what will happen“.

The Argentine National Team, candidate to win the 2022 Qatar World Cup according to Lewandowski

Analyzing the team Lionel ScaloniLewandowski spared no praise and lor placed as one of the top candidates to keep the title in Qatari lands: “I think that, with Messi, she is one of the favorites to win the World Cup. They haven’t lost in 30 games; They play well and you can see that they are a very good team. They have a plan that they are following as a group“.


As for what will be the duel against Albiceleste for the group stage -on the last date-, Lewandowski assured that it will not be an easy game for his team: “It’s a huge challenge for us in a very tough group, every game will be difficult. In the World Cup it is important to know how you are going to play. For those who will go to Qatar at this point in the season it is a huge challenge“.

Robert Lewandowski and the possibility of one day being able to share a team with Messi

Beyond what will be his confrontation with Lionel Messi in the Group C of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Lewandowski allowed himself to imagine a future in which he can share a team with the Argentine in Barcelona and showered him with praise: “He is absolutely brilliant with the incredible passes he makes to forwards. If you think about Leo, you see that he has a brilliant connection with the attackers he knows how to put the ball in the area, between the lines… he is the best in the world at that. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but for a striker it would be a dream to play with Lionel Messi, without a doubt.“.

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