Disappointment for CahorSauzet Basket

It is now acquired, it is the maintenance operation that awaits the seniors 1 of CahorSauzet Basket after the disappointment of the defeat outside at the last Montastruc.

The Lotois will only have managed to save the particular goal average on the Toulousains (+ 20pts for the CSB on the outward journey / -15pts on the return).

However, the Lotois had been warned before and during the meeting by the coaches and the captain of CSB Maxime Prouillac that this Montastruc team should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, the CSB, which will be ahead in the score for 30 minutes (57/62), which will have even counted up to 18 points ahead in the 16th (17/35) completely collapsed in the last quarter time (lost 34 at 15).

As recognized after the meeting by one of the coaches of the CSB, the Lotois may have seen themselves too good when they led by almost 20pts and mentally in their heads they relaxed.

With a bench also failing which brought only 24pts out of 81 and an interior sector which did not weigh as much offensively as defensively, the scenario of the trap match was written in advance.

Only the attacking trio Dronjak (31pts/Oussi 16pts/Béthune 16pts) performed well but that was not enough because most often, it is in defense that the “yellow and blue” have built their victories.

Start of maintenance operation in January

The Lotois players will not have succeeded in meeting their objective of qualifying for the accession group. Mathematically and morally the first defeat of the season at home against West Toulousain leader of this group B will have weighed heavily in the final count. There are still two home matches (05/12) against Albi 1 and (10/12) against Auch 2 which will be played for honor and above all to prepare for the maintenance operation which will begin in early January 2023.

But the disappointment could be read on all the faces of Lot this Saturday.



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