Despite shootings, Tzeltales gather in the Oxchuc municipal auditorium – El Heraldo de Chiapas

Oxchuc.- Since midday this Wednesday, more than 300 indigenous tzeltales again focused on municipal basketball auditorium in order to deliver documentation for receive support from procampountil this afternoon they continue without incident.

Despite the bullets that were fired yesterday Tuesday afternoon when a group of armed people interrupted the delivery of documentation in the Municipal auditorium so the indigenous people decided to flee while others hid behind the vehicles to avoid being hit by a bullet.

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Despite the violent events, for the second consecutive day the tzeltales they went back to the basketball auditorium to deliver the documentation corresponding to the community authorities and the procedure is carried out before the corresponding instances so that the indigenous people can receive the procampo support.

As of this Wednesday afternoon, it continues without incident, but they fear that another confrontation could arise at any moment, because the opponents of the current councilor president Luis Sántiz Gómez they continue to be upset because according to them they do not receive this support, in addition to continuing to demand the call to elect the the mayor of Oxchuc, by uses and customs and by show of hands.



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