Daniela Ospina told how her current relationship with James Rodríguez is | Out of Soccer

Daniela Ospina, who currently lives in the United States, in addition to her work as a businesswoman and model, continues to fulfill her role as the mother of Salomé, the daughter she had with James Rodríguez, her ex-partner.

In fact, in an interview for the magazine “Aló” he spoke again about the relationship he has with the Olympiacos player, his daughter and her new boyfriend and future husband, the Venezuelan actor Gabriel Coronel.

Ospina began the talk about how she is dealing with motherhood: “I have assumed my role as a mother very happily because, if I am honest, I think it is the work that I am most passionate about, the subject of being a mother.”

Immediately afterwards, he referred to his current relationship with James: “We have a very good relationship and a very nice bond. I know that Salome has a wonderful family that is always there for her and for her.”

Finally, the model spoke of the bond that her daughter and James have built and assured that she has coped with her relationship with her ex-partner with “a lot of love and respect for them.”



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