Czechia – Switzerland 2:3 PP, Hockey players let go of the lead and lost after twenty seconds of overtime

Before the match, both teams could still think about winning the tournament with a three-point gain. The goal of the national team was defended again by Will, of the four attacks, only Špaček’s line remained together, which again represented the greatest danger for the opponent’s goal.

In the middle of the first period, Dvořák shot from the blue and the puck bounced to Kodýtek, who moved it to the right side to Smejkal, who was able to get the puck into the net. Switzerland’s answer came just after 42 seconds when Ambühl rose to the occasion with a wrist shot over Will’s shoulder after a poor substitution.

Right after that, Riat had to go to the penalty bench for tripping, and the Czech team needed twelve seconds of numerical advantage to get the lead on their side. Košťálek found a free Špaček on the left, who shot past Genoni with a shot from the first.

The narrow lead of Jalonen’s wards helped to defend Will’s reliable saves, Moy, Ambühl and Rod did not come to him. On the other side, the post of the Swiss goal was ringing in the power play after Kundrátek’s shot, but even before the second break, the stronger opponent managed to equalize in the end.

Rodova took charge of Thürkauf’s shot, during which the Czech goalkeeper could not properly see the puck through the shielding players. While the activity of the national team waned in the third part, the well-advanced Swiss played more with the puck and thus got into the attacking zone more often.

But sixty minutes of regular time did not determine the winner. However, only 20 seconds of overtime took place, when the Czech foul in their own zone decided. Koštálek smacked Senteler with his ass, who shot Will.

Euro Hockey Tour – Karjala Tournament (Turku, Finland):
Czechia – Switzerland 2:3 in overtime
Goals and assists: 10. Smejkal (Kodýtek, T. Dvořák), 13. M. Špaček (Košťálek, Chlapík) – 11. Ambühl, 38. Rod (Thürkauf, Mirco Müller), 61. Senteler. Referees: Heikkinen, Kaukokari – Mäkinen, Nurmio (all Finnish). Exclusion: 4:5. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 892.
Czechia: Will – Košťálek, T. Dvořák, Mozík, Sklenička, Kundrátek, Ščotka, M. Jandus, Němeček – Chlapík, M. Špaček, Lenc – Smejkal, Kodýtek, Červenka – H. Zohorna, Poulíček, P. Kousal – Horký, D. Vitouch, P. Zdráhal – O. Beránek. Coach: Kari Jalonen.
Switzerland: Genoni – Marti, Kukan, Geering, Karrer, Mirco Müller, Rathgeb, Alatalo – Andrighetto, Ambühl, Bertschy – Hofmann, Senteler, Künzle – Riat, Thürkauf, Rod – Eggenberger, Marco Müller, Moy. Coach: Patrick Fischer.
1. Sweden 3 1 1 0 1 8:7 5
2. Switzerland 3 0 2 1 0 8:7 5
3. Czechia 3 1 0 1 1 8:9 4
4. Finland 3 1 0 1 1 8:9 4


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