Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United’s official response to interview and accusations | Premier League

There are news in the dispute between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United: the party involved that was missing spoke.

The Portuguese created a real storm by giving a controversial interview in which he accused the club of betraying him, said he had no respect for ten Hag and launched all sorts of accusations, apparently aimed at pressuring his departure upon his return from the World Cup in Qatar.

Well, apparently, you will have the answer you were looking for. The club issued an official statement on the situation of its top star: “Manchester United have initiated the appropriate steps this morning in response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent media interview,” he said in a short text.

What are ‘appropriate steps’? It had already been announced in the British press that the club would impose a penalty of one million euros for his statements against the institution and it is likely that it will be one of the punishments. But it is also true that the player’s attitude towards the coaching staff has escalated for the worse and even the leaders in the dressing room would have reacted, not only removing him from the WhatsApp group but letting him know their discomfort, as Bruno did in the Portugal camp. in Qatar.

“We will not comment further until this process reaches its conclusion,” added United’s short text, trying to make it clear that the mess Cristiano Ronaldo made will not go unnoticed, but neither will they allow further speculation.

Will he leave in January as he apparently proposed since he gave the discord interview? Will they make it easy at United for the most expensive man on the payroll or teach him a lesson? More announcements coming…



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