Cristiano Ronaldo completes his divorce with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo, upset in a Manchester United match. / Craig Brough (Reuters) | Vídeo: ep

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The Funchal star becomes a free agent after terminating his contract with the Red Devils and is looking for suitors

On the eve of the coming-out in what will be his fifth World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo is back in the headlines. Manchester United announced on Tuesday an agreement with the Portuguese star for his departure, thus putting an end to an unsustainable situation for months. “Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Manchester United by mutual agreement, effective immediately. The club thanks him for his immense contribution during two spells at Old Trafford, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances, and wishes him and his family the best for the future,” said the statement issued by the Mancunian entity in the afternoon this Tuesday. “Everyone at Manchester United remains focused on continuing the team’s progress under Erik ten Hag and working together to achieve success on the field,” adds the cold note that shook the football planet.

“Following discussions with Manchester United we have agreed to terminate our contract early. I love United and I love their fans, that will never change. However, I feel that the time is right to look for a new challenge. I wish the team all the success for the rest of the season and for the future,” said the former soccer player for Sporting de Portugal, Real Madrid and Juventus.

The second stage of Cristiano Ronaldo culminates with a stormy divorce that became the only possible way out since the star lashed out a few days ago against the Manchester United board, his hitherto Dutch coach and several of his teammates in an interview with the journalist Piers Morgan. The volley of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner stirred up the upper echelons of Manchester United and aborted any chance of a comeback in a soap opera that began when Ten Hag relegated the attacker to the bench. A full-fledged slap in the face for the ego of a figure used to being the center of gravity in all the teams in which he has played and who, at 37, is reluctant to abandon that status.

“I love United and I love their fans, that will never change. However, I feel that the time is right to look for a new challenge.”

The bitter confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United had an impact on the bad start to the season by the Red Devils. The Glazers, owners of the club, threw themselves into the arms of Ten Hag in the hope that the successful manager of Ajax Amsterdam would put an end to the long journey through the desert of a club that was three times European champions, but that It plummeted after Sir Alex Ferguson left the bench he held for more than two decades and from which he led United to the elite of the Old Continent. But Ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo collided from the first day.

The coach considered that Cristiano Ronaldo should step aside and assume a condition of mere revulsion, something that the star from Madeira was not willing to accept. «I have no respect for him because he does not respect me. If you don’t have respect for me, I will never have respect for you, “said the Portuguese in the volcanic chat with Piers Morgan when he had to refer to Ten Hag.

But the Portuguese went further and also targeted other United bodies. “I feel betrayed, they have made me the black sheep,” said a footballer who did not feel supported by the club after one of the babies he was expecting with his partner, Georgina Rodríguez, died prematurely and the other suffered an illness that led to his hospitalization. “I had a very bad preseason. I had some problems on vacation, where one of my children had bronchitis. I was in Majorca and had to spend a week in the hospital. People made up stories that I wanted to travel. People need to realize that I am a human being and I want to be with my family. I am a human being and I went through difficult times. I spoke to the director and president of United and they kind of didn’t believe something was going on. I will never trade my family’s health for soccer. Never. That really hurt me. They doubted my words,” he explained.

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Cristiano Ronaldo spoiled Manchester United’s sports policy. “I have not seen evolution in the club since Sir (Ferguson) left, the progression has been zero,” he analyzed in an interview in which he similarly criticized the choice of the German Ralf Rangnick as head honcho of said plot. “If you’re not even a manager, how are you going to be the boss of Manchester United? I hadn’t even heard of him,’ said a star who also complained about the lack of ambition of some of United’s young talents, who he felt should follow his example.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s crack dynamited all the bridges and Manchester United accelerated his departure, considering him a drag on the Ten Hag project. But the bad atmosphere was extended to the Portuguese team, whose preparation for the World Cup in Qatar was overshadowed by the merciless war of the all-time top gunner of the ‘Quinas’ against United. The cold greeting with his teammate Bruno Fernandes and another disagreement with Joao Cancelo gave a good account of the enormous problem that Fernando Santos had on his hands.

The agreement reached between Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo for the departure of this club of which he was the flag in his first stage and which served as a catapult towards a definitively established stardom with the four Champions he won with Real Madrid, closes that front , but it opens another with which the Portuguese team will now have to live, such as the future of the Madeira star. The British press is already pointing to Newcastle as a possible destination for a footballer who becomes a free agent from this very Tuesday and who, therefore, could sign for any club, although he will not be able to be registered until the opening of the winter transfer window on next January 2. His agent, the powerful Jorge Mendes, knocked on the doors of many greats in the summer with no luck because Cristiano wants to remain the flagship wherever he goes and hardly anyone seems willing to grant him that role in the twilight of his career. But the footballer is confident that a good role in the World Cup in Qatar will serve as a springboard when it comes to refloating a career that entered a downward trend after he said goodbye to Real Madrid in 2018.



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