Colombians make fun of ‘Dibu’ Martínez, for losing in the World Cup in Qatar 2022

Much to talk about left the defeat of the Argentine National Team against Saudi Arabia in their first outing for the world Cup. when many thought that the ‘albiceleste’ would continue to prolong their undefeatedthe Arabs appeared to give the first bump in Qatar 2022.

Although the South Americans went ahead on the scoreboard for the first stage, their game was not superior at any time. Already in the second half Arabia turned the game around and was left with a win who had no one in the budget.

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In general terms, the performance of the eleven Argentine players was very regular and even Lionel Messi looked inaccurate. After this surprising result, on social networks the ridicule and comments against those directed by Scaloni did not wait. And it is that this selected one arrived as one of the favorites to stay with this World Cup.

In our country, one of those who became a trend was the goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez. This, due to the well-known episode that took place in the semifinal of the Copa América the previous year against the Colombian National Team. Since then, the ‘Dibu’ became an unpleasant character in Colombia and today it was verified.

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On different social networks, The Colombians did not miss the two goals suffered by the Aston Villa goalkeeper from England. With memes and comments they reminded her that she must remain humble.

There were thousands of publications of this type that returned a trend to ‘Dibu’ Martínez in Colombia, where the dispute with the goalkeeper is still alive.



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