Chinese basketball scandal: WCBA game system causes big controversy

Original Title: Chinese Basketball Scandal: The WCBA Competition System Causes Controversy

On November 26, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s basketball team won the runner-up in the World Cup, tying the best result in history. However, what makes people sad is that the new season of the WCBA league has not yet started, and it has caused huge controversy.

Where is the controversy? According to the WCBA schedule for the new season, the competition will be divided into two groups, A and B, and the problem lies in this group.

What is incomprehensible is that this group is treated differently according to their rankings, just like the top students and poor students in school. According to regulations, according to the ranking of last season’s results, the first to ninth will be group A, and the tenth to seventeenth will be group B, and there will be a round robin match.

Such an arrangement is obviously unreasonable, which means that those teams with the lowest scores have no chance to play against the teams in Group A. A good league is directly divided into two halves. The teams with a large number of national players are in one area. The team can only play in the backward group.

This is naturally the biggest impact on the professional league. As we all know, there are no underdogs in the NBA, and the bottom-ranked team may overthrow the favorites to win the championship. In addition, there is no great disparity in the strength of the teams to make the game more exciting and the intensity guaranteed.

The Chinese women’s basketball team won the runner-up in the World Cup. It was really not raised in captivity. The most fundamental thing is to return to the league. The league is the foundation of the national team. Now, such absurd grouping arrangements in the new season really make people worry that it will ruin the Chinese women’s basketball team. In fact, the Chinese women’s volleyball team is a lesson learned from the past. The unprofessional league has led to the national team’s lack of success. After winning the Olympic championship, it soon fell into a trough.Return to Sohu to see more


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