Cervera, for his pending issue: win away from home

Álvaro Cervera condensed his plan into a survival metaphor. “The first thing was to get your head out of the water,” the coach began. “Afterwards, you have to swim, because at any moment you can put your head back in,” he completed his simile. The three points against Mirandés, in a victory based on defense, another one, are a lifeline that the team does not want to miss. Oviedo plays today in Tenerife, 9:00 p.m., with the firm intention of maintaining its good dynamics and seeking, why not, a victory that will take them away from the ghosts and make them look up to more ambitious goals.

The reason for the clash dispute tonight must be found in the centenary of Tenerife, which had scheduled a friendly clash with an added celebration for the weekend. The League and Oviedo did not object and the duel is brought forward to today, a strange circumstance within the gibberish of competition schedules. Cervera did not like it one bit, he expressed it in the press room, but there is no other choice but to prepare the game expressly and seek to stretch a dynamic that, now, seems to have once again awakened enthusiasm in Oviedism .

It was not easy after such a disappointing start to the championship. There was hope in a course with novelties since the summer, with the hand of Pachuca in the direction, which promised a more ambitious step in the idea of ​​a club. But the crisis struck from the first bars and the owner acted hastily, removing the coach and the sports director in one fell swoop. Cervera, the Admiral, is in charge of rectifying the course.

For the moment, the coach has managed to stop looking so much at the relegation zone. Now the situation of the team is measured in mattress points when until nothing ago it was in points to get out of the fire. Oviedo has reared its head, yes. But he doesn’t want to stop. The idea is to keep moving forward.

Tenerife emerges as the ideal scenario to continue growing. For Cervera, it is also the opportunity to break down another wall: that of away wins. Oviedo is intractable in his field with the Cantabrian. They have played three games, have won all three and have not conceded a goal. Outside, things are not so successful. They have lost two matches (Vitoria and Villarreal B) and have drawn another (Ponferrada). All of them conditioned by the goals conceded in added time. The parenthesis of the Cup, with a victory in extra time, marked a path that the team now wants to explore to continue smiling.

Such would be the importance of a victory that it would even allow one to start looking at other more desirable destinations than mere salvation. Just a guideline. Oviedo is currently 15th in the standings, with a 4-point lead over Mirandés, the first to be relegated, and 7 over Andorra, sixth. If they win, the blues will analyze the rest of the day (to play on the weekend) closer to the play-off than to the loss of category.

Gone are the doubts of the beginning and the debate regarding the style of play. With Cervera, the identity is marked from the first day. Even the uncertainties about the injured seem to have been left in the background. Cervera continues to have many casualties, six on this occasion (Aceves, Mier, Koba, Montoro, Viti and Sangalli), but if something has been demonstrated at this point, it is that the new coach is willing to capture a recognizable idea regardless of the pieces you have available on the board.



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