Cervera, after the draw against Toralín: “The plan came out, but the result did not”

Álvaro Cervera, Oviedo’s coach, assessed the draw against Ponferradina. These were his words.

Analysis of the meeting

“A lot of progress as I wanted. In the second half we improved, we went to press higher and we had the goal and some other option. They scored another goal in discount, but it was not our fault. And the last play of the game, Bastón’s penalty is a football anecdote. We’re going to have to play with bad luck”.

“The first half we were behind because of me, I wanted the ball to enter an area where they usually play. We couldn’t make counterattacks and the second we went higher, also because of them. Ponferradina is a good team, I don’t know how many options for they had a goal. I want my goalkeeper to live calmly and take advantage of any opportunity. In any action they score a goal and it costs us our lives, we have to turn that around”.

“The plan came out, but the result was not. In the first half we closed them, but we didn’t get there. In the second half we thought: we can tie. But we went further up, especially because of them, and we had more ease. They had a cross, who also came from a corner, with a lot of people inside the area and they scored on us. Bastón’s penalty takes two points away from me, but I have no sense of the game”.

“In the end it was the move to score the goal, not five saves by our goalkeeper. It can be seen as crazy, but we didn’t have a bad time. I haven’t seen it get out of control. It was a corner, some bad cross…No We had a bad time. Didn’t we close the games? Well, yes, but more for us than for them. I wish all away games were more or less like this. We’re going to try to make it our game”.

Injured: Viti and Hugo Rama

“I don’t think they are injured, I think they are cramps”



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