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The match between CD Badajoz and the leader of the Primera RFEF, Córdoba CF, on Saturday at six in the afternoon at the Civitas Nuevo Vivero, will be noon for the club, so black and white season ticket holders must access with a supplement to their season ticket. The price will be 10 euros for adults, 5 euros for youth and 1 euro for children. Season ticket holders will be able to get the supplement from their seat at this price until Friday at 2:00 p.m. After this period, seats will be released for the sale of tickets to the general public. The price of tickets for non-subscribers is 15 euros in the south end, 20 in the north end, 25 in preference, 30 in the grandstand, 50 in the VIP box, with exclusive sale for adults and children, from 4 to 14 years old, 10 euros .

Supplements and tickets can be withdrawn in person until Friday from 10:00-14:00 and from 17:30-20:30 and Saturday: 10:00-14:00 and at the box office from 16:30. They can also be processed online at For any questions or additional information, Badajoz states that you can write to


The two teams from Extremadura of Primera RFEF won. Badajoz at Sanse’s home by 1-3. After 10 minutes, the black and whites took the lead after a great play by edu sanchez that ended David Soto with a powerful shot from outside the area. The second in minute 27, great goal from Adilson Mendes with an extraordinary shot from the crescent that sneaks into the left corner of the Sanse goal. Peter Benedict scored 1-2 in 80 and Zelu He sealed the victory with 1-3 in 93.

And victory for Mérida against Ceuta 2-0, yesterday at the Romano José Fouto. The 1-0 came in minute 72. Luis Acosta open left to Alvaro Ramon which centers the area where Carlos Cinta he splendidly heads into the net and scores his fourth goal in the league. And in 1993 it was 2-0 against Carlos Cinta on the right to Busi which opens to your left so that Sandoval selle la victoria

In the Second RFEF, three wins, one draw and two losses. Montijo won 0-2 at the home of Alcorcón B. christ medina made it 0-1 in minute 6 and Raillo the second in the 11th. A goal from the Moldovan defender Dan Ojog in minute 94 he gave Villanovense the victory against Estepona 2-1. The Andalusians went ahead with so much Narbonne at 49 minutes, equalized from a penalty chair in 53 until And gave victory to those of Manolo Cano in the final moments, dedicated to the fans.

And Cacereño thrashed the Atlético de Madrid subsidiary 3-0 with goals from Samu Manchon penalty after 4 minutes, Ivan Fernandez in the 45 and Pedro Ramirez in the 90.

And the Diocesan matched a goal against Unión Adarve. Pita Viera made it 1-0 in the 30th minute, after a great pass from Assany Julio Cidoncha equalized at 48.

Defeat of Coria in Navalcarnero by 2-0. Hugo scored 1-0 in the 15th minute and the Bulgarian Temenuzkhov sentenced in 87.

And thrashing suffered by Don Benito de manolo martinez at the home of leader Melilla 3-0 with goals from Sergio Perez in 45, Muñiz in the 50 and Daniel Garcia in 81.

In Tercera RFEF, Llerenense is the new leader of group 14 after their 0-2 victory in Villafranca and Trujillo’s 0-0 draw at Fuente de Cantos. Those from Llerena add 22 points to 21 from Trujillo, 20 from Olivenza, 19 from Fuente de Cantos and 18 from Moralo, in the top five positions. Precisely Moralo beat UP Plasencia 2-1, the same result at Miajadas-Arroyo, local victories also for Montehermoso against La Estrella 3-1 and Jerez against Don Álvaro 3-0 while Azuaga won in Calamonte 0-1 and Pueblonuevo and Olivenza drew 0-0.

In the First Women’s RFEF, Juan Grande 0 Cacereño Femenino 1, goal from Manoly Baquerizo by finishing off a ball to the far post in a corner, at 51 minutes.


New defeat for Cáceres Robert White in LEB Oro, yesterday afternoon against Cantabria 66-79, with a 14-26 run in the last quarter that was decisive. Kevin Bercy with 16 points and 8 rebounds and Vaidas Cepukaitis at 14-7 they were the most prominent.

In the LF Challenge, defeat of Alter Enersun Al-Qázeres Extremadura against Recoletas Zamora by 57-70. The team’s top scorer Jesus Sanchez it was Katherine Andersen with 14 points and 5 rebounds.

And in the basketball LF-2, Hierros Díaz defeated Magectias Contra Violencia de Género 56-64 in Las Palmas with 26 points and 9 rebounds from Amy Griffin.


12 Extremadurans qualified for the final phase of the absolute Spanish Championship. the olympic Cristina Cabana in 63 kilos, from Judo Club Stabia, he is classified directly. And they achieved gold in the sector in La Línea de la Concepción, in Cádiz: Mary Lopez in 52 kilos of the Judo Club Stabia de Mérida, Pablo Sanchez in 81 kilos of the Judo Club Stabia, Dani Nietoin 90 kilos of the Judo Club Stabia and Serhiii Hnatiuk in more than 100 kilos, of the Judo Coliseum-Javier of La Marta de Badajoz.

They are classified with a silver medal, Tamara Linde in 48 kilos from the Javier Linde School of Judo in Badajoz, Mario Melgosa in 73 kilos of the Judo Club Stabia, Inaki Baztan in 81 kilos, from the Judo Coliseum-Javier de la Marta and Manu Salguero in more than 100 kilos of the Judo Club Stabia. And with a bronze Neila Martínezin 57 kilos, from the Judo Club Stabia, Yaiza Escalante in 63 kilos of Judo Ciudad de Plasencia and Raul Acosta in 90 kilos from the Enrique Palacios School of Judo in Badajoz.



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