CB Genovés presents its II Women’s Tournament

This week the presentation of the II National Women’s Cadet Tournament Basketball. A tournament that is presented intentionally on an atypical date and with a great vindictive character. A tournament for equality. From the club the message was very clear: “if the club decided to offer basketball to all those girls who want it and organize tournaments in the men’s category, it also has to do so in the women’s category. Since last season, the tournament calendar that the CB Genovés will offer three training basketball fans, and one of them will be one of the tournaments that the club is most proud to offer”.

In the presentation of this first edition of the tournament, have been present Emily LloretFirst Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Sports, and the captain of the female cadet team, Triana Salinasas a representative of all the CB Genovés players.

Triana herself commented in the presentation of the tournament that “it is fair that all the players of the club have the same experiences as the men. Now it is the turn of the girls. We want an egalitarian club, and with initiatives like this we think we are going to the right path. We are a club that wants to speak in women’s terms and this tournament has to be a benchmark to make it understood that all those girls who want to play sports, CB Genovés opens the doors for them”. Triana Salinas went on to say that “I am proud to be part of a club that has fought so hard to have girls’ teams in all its categories. A feminist club that works for equality and that offers us opportunities to make it understood that women We also want to be part of Genovés basketball, and not just on a weekend like the one that will take place the last weekend of November, but every day and in every training session”.

This tournament will be the second organized by the club in the women’s category, after last season’s edition. From the City Council, the sports councilor Emili Lloret He was satisfied that a town club maintains this line of action. He stated that “regardless of the sporting aspect, the message that this initiative transmits transcends sport, they offer us a basketball tournament that aims to make a more just and egalitarian society. In this way we are turning Genovés into an example to follow where it is Obviously sport has no gender.

The appointment, at the end of the month

This II National Junior Women’s Tournament of Genovés will be the weekend of November 25, 26 and 27, and will have the same format as the men’s, a poster of 4 teams that will play all against all to later play the finals on Sunday, November 27. From the club, the head of the women’s section, Joan Moscardóstated that “this tournament will once again be the club’s great women’s basketball party, but we don’t want to forget that our success will lie in being able to offer a feminist club on a day-to-day basis where all girls can play basketball. We are convinced that our club has to speak in women’s terms and this tournament is clear proof”.


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