Castilla y León basketball continues to say “ZERO”

• The Castilla y León Basketball Federation presented this morning the design of the new kits for the Castilla y León Basketball Teams.

• The objective is to make visible and help project the message of zero tolerance against any type of inequality and gender violence. Although these actions are concentrated around November 25, “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, the Castilla y León Basketball Federation carries out powerful awareness-raising actions throughout the year.

• The involvement and monitoring by clubs, players and other regional basketball groups in this campaign aims to make this same message go viral on social networks, with the basketball transmitter thread.

This morning, María Victoria Moreno Saugar, General Director for Women of the Junta de Castilla y León, visited the headquarters of the Castilla y León Basketball Federation. The objective is to see first-hand how the #YoDigoCero campaign is evolving, which the Basketball Federation carries out throughout the year and which intensifies around November 25.

The Castilla y León Basketball Federation has shown the Director General the design of the new kits with which the Castilla y León Basketball Teams will play the Spanish Championships in 2023.

The inclusion of the message in these official kits is part of the campaign against gender violence and in favor of equality in sport that, for another year, the Federation is developing.

Óscar Castañeda Robles, President of the FBCYL, stressed that `Basketball in Castilla y León is very sensitive to any social problem. Equality is an inalienable objective. This is demonstrated by the creation of the FBCyL Women’s Basketball Area, led by Maite Cuesta. As it cannot be otherwise, with YoDigoCero we try to sensitize our groups, thus contributing our bit to the shared objective of eradicating the scourge of gender violence.

For her part, María Victoria Moreno indicated the importance of making visible the commitment of the world of sport against gender violence. The practice of sports must be a reference for the transmission of egalitarian values, respect and non-violence against women due to the importance of athletes as references for the entire population and especially for its impact on the young population.


For teams that are participating in official FEB competitions, Men’s and Women’s 1st National Division, Castilla y León Autonomous Leagues and Provincial Leagues.

In all the matches that are played in Castilla y León during the days of 18-19-
November 20 and November 25-26-27, the teams will pose with the referees and table officials behind the banner before the start of the match. These photos will be uploaded to social networks (Instagram and Twitter), including the hashtags #YoDigoCero #BasketCyL and mentioning @FBCyL. This banner can be displayed in all our pavilions for the rest of the year so that our message is always present.

We would like all the players of the federated teams of the autonomous leagues and the male and female national first division to wear a decal simulating a tattoo, with the symbol of the fight against gender violence. These decals will be provided by the FBCyL to each club. The stickers can be put on in the matches that are played during the days of November 25, 26 and 27. We encourage teams and players to take original photos and post them on their social networks with the hashtags #YoDigoCero #BasketCyL

The FBCyL will once again promote an action so that all groups related to basketball have the opportunity to participate in this campaign. For this, FBCyL proposes a video contest where everyone can participate, and in which this year we hope to once again increase the participation of the entire educational community of Castilla y León (schools, institutes and universities). We especially encourage rural schools to join this initiative. The winning video will obtain a check redeemable for sports equipment for the amount of €500. See more info and contest rules on the website of the Federation of Castilla y León

Although these actions are concentrated around November 25, “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”, the Castilla y León Basketball Federation has carried out powerful awareness actions throughout the year. Thus, the teams from Castilla y León have participated in the 2022 Spanish Championships with the message and institutional image of YoDigoCero on the kits. In the 3×3 Street Basket Tour circuit, the message has been incorporated into the T-shirts of the more than 1,000 participants and on advertising media. In the Castilla y León Cups held in September and October, the elite teams of Castilla y León have also participated in this campaign, posing behind the YoDigoCero banner.



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