Carolina Marín, Badminton champion

If there is a word that defines Carolina Marín, it is champion. Not only because of the number of victories that she has added on the field. Also for the humility and values ​​that she carries as her flag, but above all for becoming a milestone and paving the way for badminton in Spain.

Carolina Marín has become an international badminton sports benchmark. His talent, his sporting prowess and her perseverance have led him to reach number 1 in the BWF (Badminton World Federation) world ranking, to win 6 European and 3 world championships. As if that were not enough, in 2016 he became olympic champion badminton, adding to his already long list of successes the Gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

How did Carolina Marín become a badminton champion?

Carolina Marín was just a child when she accompanied a friend to her badminton class and discovered what would become her favorite sport. The racket became part of her routine and at the age of 13 she became a national champion for the first time.

Shortly after, she met her current coach, Fernando Rivas, one of the people who has accompanied Carolina in each of her sporting successes: “Without each of the members of my team it would be impossible to achieve each of the medals that I have achieved” .

Despite the fact that his career has had more lights than shadows, two knee injuries have interrupted his competitions. Strength and psychological support have been key so that the queen of badminton overcomes these stages without losing motivation. “I can, because I think I can” is the mantra that has driven him even in the most difficult moments.

That mental strength is the same that is present in each of his matches. When worries come into play, Carolina is clear: “You have to trust yourself, in the work you do every day, in training.”

Sacrifices on the road to success

The road to becoming a badminton champion has not been easy. Carolina Marín began to make sacrifices very early with the sole objective of pursuing her dream, without even knowing if it would end up paying off for her.

They have been years of daily work and effort in which the badminton champion has had to give up many things. The first of them was her own house, which a young Carolina Marín left behind to plunge fully into the world of sports.

For her, physical training has been as important as psychological. The mental strength that he has developed over the years has been key to cope with injuries, overcome losses and take all worries off the field, concentrating exclusively on the game.

Carolina Marín, badminton player and mentor

Carolina Marín is an example to follow for many young people who, like her, are fighting to achieve their dreams: to become professional players and reach their level.

Cristina Teruel, 15 years old, is one of them. She has been selected for the Huelva High Performance Center, for the last three years she has been lucky to have the mentoring of Carolina Marín.

Messages, advice and words of motivation are part of this program that unites two women with the same dream. “I see myself reflected very much”, Carolina confesses while she contemplates in the young Cristina what one day were her first steps.

What is Mentor 10 Program?

The Programa Mentor10 is a project of the Junta de Andalucía that connects young sports talents with recognized mentors. School-age athletes have the opportunity to work hand in hand with their role models to promote the initial phase of their sports careers.

The champion Carolina Marín is one of the elite athletes who are part of the program. Through her experience, she helps and inspires young people and shows them the path she has traveled.

This is how the Mentor 10 Program inspires young people

Carolina’s teachings go beyond technique or skill. To get to where she is, it is also necessary a question of mentality: how to overcome the pressure of day to day, leave your friends and family behind or combine studies and training.

In addition to being a support and sharing her knowledge with her, for Cristina her role model is also a clear source of motivation: “Carolina Marín is a very special person for me. She is unique. I love watching her play and I think she has an impressive level. She makes me want to keep working because nothing is impossible ”.

This is the story of the connection between Carolina and Cristina. A story of inspiration, overcoming and challenges.



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